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ZeCash ICO

ICO Interview

Founded in Jan 2018

3 Founders

Updated May/18

ZeCash is a new cryptocurrency that is working to resolve issues or flaws in the current coins. Features of ZeCash include faster transactions, proof of stake, anonymity features and more. Read on for our interview with one of the founders.

Key ICO Information:

  • Token Symbol: ZCH
  • Total Token Supply: 500,000,000
  • Currencies Accepted: BTC/ETH/LTC/XMR/DASH/BCH
  • Rate ZCH/USD 1/$0.10

When did you first get into Bitcoin and why?

I bought my first Bitcoin at the start of 2016 after ordering a domain name for another business – the hosting service required Bitcoin payment which is why I got it.

Where did the inspiration for your ICO come from?

The inspiration for our ICO came after several experiences as users with Cryptocurrencies- we figured that all coins have good features but there isn’t one that has the total “bundle”.

How will your business make money in the future?

Our team will be remunerated mostly with ZeCash allocation they received at the start of the ICO.

How big is your team at the moment?

There are 3 founders but our team consists of over 10 persons. We are also negotiating with big names of the sector to join us.

What is the idea behind your ICO?

Today most of the coins have economic fundamentals and techniques that we believe have not been fully adapted to digital cash. Economics for example, by creating additional amounts of the coin at every transaction – this impacts in long term market cap. Techniques we believe POS is future, today few coin are using it because it’s generally less secure than POW. ZeCash resolve theses security breaches with Zeprotocol.

Can you walk us through the critical components of your business?

We believe the most critical component is the user adoption. It’s very challenging to have a coin to bring attention to. By working everyday on the social channels, answering any concerns promptly and building a name within the cryptocurrency community we manage to emphasize our product to users.

What was the greatest challenge you have faced so far?

So far we have had two challenges, creating a highly secure ICO to prevent any malicious attack and our biggest challenge was the first day reception, which so far went well.

Where do you see your business in 5 years time?

In 5 years time our target is to be in the top 10 Cryptocurrency marketcap.

If you were to start again, what would you do differently? Why?

We would probably create 2 versions of the Whitepaper, one for beginners and one for advanced users. Why? In the beginning we were frequently adapting our Whitepaper to provide our audience with a thorough understanding. This was based on the questions and requests we were receiving about our project.

What are the biggest factors that will bring success?

Raising enough money to start our project. Today ICOs and the Cryptocurrency industry is facing an exponential growth but as there are so many it’s challenging for an ICO to achieve his Soft/Hard cap and start his project with these conditions and achieve success.

What’s your advice to other ICOs or Bitcoin businesses who are just starting out?

The best advice we can give is to insist on public education of their ICO or Bitcoin businesses. The crypto industry is brand-new, so it’s important not to loose any potential users by lack of information and answers to any question. One more advice is to not forget the power of Social networks to spread the word.

Why ZeCash name? Do you have any relations to ZCash?

This is the most recurring question we have – we don’t have any relations to Zcash.

We chose this name because we believe it’s the most adapted to a Digital/Crypto currency, with semantic contraction of “The Cash” to “Ze Cash”. A very recognizable and catchy name.

Aside from your website where else are you present on Social Media and how can people get in contact with you?

We are present on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit and people can contact us through Facebook / Twitter and our Live chat on our Website.

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