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Top Bitcoin Dice site with BTC, ETH & LTC currently accepted. You can play or invest in the house!


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YOLOdice is one of the most popular Bitcoin dice sites and is relatively new to the market. It is a very simplistic and easy to navigate site that appears extremely professional. They also have a faucet so for any players who are unsure you can always claim BTCs from here and play with that if you desire.

One of the biggest draw cards to YOLOdice is the 1% house edge. In addition to this the site is provably fair and doesn’t require proof of identity. The bankroll has been crowdfunded and from an investment point this site is a good option.

Yolodice game play


The YOLOdice interface is very easy to use and is a simple website. It is a straightforward game in the sense that you can choose the size of your bet and roll the dice. Check out the image for what you can expect to see as well as the how to play instructions.

They also have a chat option if you would like to chat to other players during play. You can also watch players betting and see their results.


YOLOdice offer a rakeback. After you level up your account you are then entitled to 30% of the site edge back to your balance. Players are eligible for this when they reach level 7 but once unlocked you can rakeback all bets wagered up to then.

How can you Level Up at YOLOdice?

  • Play- gain XP (experience points) simply by wagering BTC.
  • Invest — gain XP while your investments are being wagered by players.
  • Refer new players — you get XP when your referrals play.
  • Get followers — the more followers you have (and the higher level they are), the more XP you get!

Also, be sure to follow YOLOdice on Twitter as they tend to share promotions on this platform as well.

Invest Option

There is an investment option at YOLOdice and this is how it works:

– All investments have the option of leverage from 1x kelly and increasing (in whole numbers) to 10x kelly.

– Once you invest you will be instantly added to the bankroll and will enjoy profits and loses as players bet against you!

– You can withdraw from the bankroll anytime by clicking the divest option (and there are no fees).

I must say that YOLOdice will take 10% of any profits from investors. This is used to manage and keep the site running but it is actually the lowest amount compared with others.

Depositing and Withdrawing

Deposits and withdrawals are both quick with no proof of identity required. Transactions are confirmed very quickly (within 10-20seconds) this is also even if it is not included in any block.

How are withdrawals processed?

Withdrawals are either instant or batch. Instant withdrawals are processed immediately but in some cases the withdrawal will be marked as pending which can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. This occurs if the withdrawal is too large and YOLOdice don’t have enough funds in the game hot wallet. Check out the FAQs section for more on this. I think it would only be a problem if you are trying to withdrawal large amounts.

The other option is a batch withdrawal which means they are sent in a single Bitcoin transaction. This means the fee is lower but sometimes it can take a few hours.


Option to play or invest

Good level of anonymity

Fast deposits and withdrawals

Easy to use



Possible issues with verifying account for large payouts

Only 1 game available

Bottom Line

YOLOdice is a one game site using Bitcoin as a payment method with other Alt Coins soon to follow suit. They give the player the option to play or invest and have a very low house edge. In addition they are a provably fair site who don’t need identity verification- a big win in our eyes.


Bitcoin Casino