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Founded in 2017

1 Founder - Val

Updated Jan/18

Valorem Foundation are developing a platform that is easy to use for not only the crypto community by the mainstream as well. This is a unique platform where you can use the VLR token for the following features: Microloans, Student loans, Car loans, P2P Networks, Investing, Crowdfunding, Buying and Selling Bitcoins & Goods, Insurance and also Charity. Read on for our interview with the Founder – Val.

Key ICO dates

  • 1000 VLR = 1 ETH
  • Total VLR supply 200,000,000 VLR
  • Pre live sale is open until 28th Jan with a 100% bonus
  • 28th Jan – 28th Feb buy tokens with a 50% bonus
  • 28th Feb – 28th March buy tokens with a 40% bonus
  • 28th March – 28th April buy tokens with a 20% bonus
  • 28th April – 28th May buy tokens with a 10% bonus
  • 28th May – 28th June buy tokens with a 5% bonus
  • ICO closes on 28th June 2018

When did you first get into Bitcoin and why?

Approximately a year ago, I found it remarkable the level of trust that can be built. That idea sparked the concept of Valorem and I began tailoring it.

Where did the inspiration for your ICO come from?

Valorem Foundation is a small group of people who are tired of the high cost of low value. For as long as I can remember, the complex world of finance and investing has made it impossible for the individual to prosper. We are all about that concept. Empowering the individual. We are going to build a platform that is based on trust and sound principles that everyone can use. It will incorporate various levels of exchange and allow everyone to make smart decisions about their future within a trust environment.

How will your business make money in the future?

We will charge a small fee on every transaction.

How big is your team at the moment?

10-20 including various developers & advisers

What is the idea behind your ICO?

I’ve been investing in mainly Real Estate for 12+ years. As simple as Real Estate, the systems around it are highly complex. Simple things like utilize equity to grow ROI take forever and are difficult to do for the average person. I wanted to disrupt and simplify investing as a whole while solving the problem of personal finance and education. If we use the blockchain for all sorts of daily transactions like microfinance, p2p, car and student lending, investing and crowdfunding, we can create greater velocity of money for everyone via trust.

Can you walk us through the critical components of your business and how it will work?

Reserve lending is what the banks used to loan out more money than existed. We will use it to stabilize loans and shift it to the most trusted users. The VLR token is the measure that will be used for these transactions. Using Trust Profiles, (like the ones Airbnb uses for ratings and reviews) and a Hedge to allow a form of coverage on the loans and investments, we will be able to build a marketplace.

What was the greatest challenge you have faced so far?

Finding great people. It isn’t by chance that many of our team members are those that I personally know who have achieved various levels of success in business. Challenges are best overcome by people who know how to succeed. Building our team is my greatest challenge and pleasure.

Where do you see your business in 5 years time?

As a leader in trusted finance exchange in between businesses and a source of incredible stabilized wealth for the individuals who participate to grow their financial future and intelligence.

If you were to start again, what would you do differently? Why?

After our ICO closes, our development is our focus. In Phase 1, we will create a simple environment for people to use and help us test out. It will incorporate microloans, student loans, car loans, P2P and Rent Payment. Using feedback, we’ll build the next version.

What are the biggest factors that will bring success?

I am lucky to have been an employee and a business owner. Both are tremendously educational if one pays attention. As anyone, I’ve had setbacks and learning experiences and various degrees of success. However, the most important lesson I have learned is to persevere. Elon Musk said “starting a business is like staring into the abyss while eating glass,” I tend to agree only he forgot to mention that when you achieve your milestones, it’s blissfully enjoyable. Starting businesses has been a great pleasure in my life, and in all cases, adding value is the goal. Valorem Foundation is the culmination of numerous people such as me who have started businesses and succeed in them. We all bring value to this venture, and will make sure it succeeds.

What have you sacrificed for success?

Knowing how success works, you know that sacrifices are short lived. They are ROI, an investment in yourself, in the future. You can’t taste it today. Can’t hold it today, but its there. Give it time and let it blossom. But, don’t lift your foot up off the gas, because you might lose it.

Val, who can benefit from Valorem and how?

We are all about the individual. While anyone can participate in our platform, the individual is the one that we are focusing on. We want to empower that person to build a better future for themselves through a trusted environment that we are going to create.

What’s your advice to other ICOs or Bitcoin businesses who are just starting out?

Time Management is crucial. We all have 24 hours. The compound effect of all those days is what you will and will not become. I try to incorporate into my day a little of everything. Family, Business, Creativity & Personal Growth (in that order). Sometime’s it works, and sometimes I fall short. The most important fact is to start the next 24 hours the same way.

If you see someone sitting in the shade, it’s because they planted that tree a long time ago.

SW, SW, SW, SW: Some Will, Some Won’t, So What, Someone’s Waiting

Please let us know about the VLR and your ICO offering

The VLR token is the value measure in our ecosystem. The ICO offering is the means by which we are distributing that value for people to use it there later when we deliver the platform. Using a SAFT Agreement, we are selling 150,000,000 tokens at $0.5/token and hope that everyone that buys our token holds it for the long term and actually uses it on the platform instead of selling it when it hit’s the exchanges.

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