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Selfie Go ICO Interview

ICO Interview

Founded in 2007

1 Founder

Updated July/18

Selfie Go offers a new way to interact on social networks through AR and gamification. Encouraging users to create a more valuable and engaging news feed. 

Where did the inspiration for your ICO come from?

We were thinking about current social networks and how they do not offer any motivation for building new, long-lasting friendships, and dating services do not provide any context for long-term communication. One of the main goals of Selfie GO is to help users make new acquaintances and find friends.

How will your business make money in the future?

Selfie GO has 2 different monetization channels:

  • Ad Network

Selfie GO allows advertisers to place ads not only in traditional places such as the newsfeed, but also in Augmented Reality. Our targeted Ad Network will allow advertisers to specify popular targeting types. It will also provide advanced geo targeting, which is highly requested by local businesses, private entrepreneurs and a huge amount of networks businesses, such as cafes, gas stations, restaurants, supermarkets, etc. We’re planning on rolling out the Internal ad network in February 2019.

From the launch till February 2019, we plan to integrate third-party ad networks such as Admob and Facebook Audience Network.

  • In-App Purchases

Our in-app currency (also referred to as “hard currency”), is Gold coins. Users get a Gold coin for a “like” they get on one of their selfies published in a Selfie Battle and on their Personal Towers. Additionally, users will get extra Gold coins for winning in Selfie Battles. Users can spend Gold to purchase a Personal Tower, which is their own Augmented Reality geolocation media outlet inside Selfie GO. This is similar to having a blog or Youtube channel, but it is also located as a geoobject in Augmented Reality in popular places in the city, which means it gets plenty of user views and subscribers. We expect this to be a very popular product among bloggers, influencers, etc. The second way to get Gold is to buy it in the Google Play Market and Apple App Store. More Personal Towers mean more fame, more gold coins and more fun.

How big is your team at the moment?

Our team consists of over 100 game development professionals.

What is the idea behind your ICO?

Selfie GO is a social network that uses gamification, AR technology and its own cryptocurrency to help people find friends in just a couple of steps.  Selfie GO offers an innovative view on interactions within social networks. Selfie GO uses AR and gamification, encouraging users to share photos, participate in weekly tournaments and create their own content. Geolocation and augmented reality make it possible to create a more valuable and engaging news feed, based not only on personal connections and interests but also on surrounding events.

What was the greatest challenge you have faced so far?

The biggest challenge is to be recognized among thousands of other ICOs. But I think we’ve got a unique project on our hands and a great team behind it, so we’ll be okay.

Where do you see your business in 5 years time?

We hope that in 5 years people will be so accustomed to augmented reality they wouldn’t imagine their life without it. And Selfie Go and our proprietary AR technology will evolve to be there for everyone.

If you were to start again, what would you do differently? Why?

I wouldn’t change anything, really. I’m lucky to work with some of the best people in the industry.

What are the biggest factors that will bring success?

There’s only one – your team. As I just said – if you’re lucky to work with a team of experienced professionals who prove their exceptional skills on a daily basis, well, you’re good! together with your team you can build a top-notch technology, write a farsighted business plan and launch a successful product.  

What’s your advice to other ICOs or Bitcoin businesses who are just starting out?

Be bold but be careful. Remember: the only thing that should drive you is the quality of your technology and your product.

Aside from your website where else are you present on Social Media and how can people get in contact with you?

We are present on most social media channels including: Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Reddit, LinkedIn, Telegram, YouTube, GitHub and Bitcointalk.

Disclaimer –  We do not endorse or are not being paid to promote this ICO.

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