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RightMesh Providing Internet to All

“The Wi-Fi is not working!”

That, by far, is one of the most horrific sentences that an everyday user of the Internet can hear in a usual day.

The ever-evolving world of online technology has slowly integrated itself into our everyday lives so seamlessly that it is almost impossible to function and connect with the world without internet access.

Keeping this in mind, when you think of those who do not have internet access, the issues and hindrances they face and the hurdles they have to go through in terms of connectivity and development become all the more glaring.

That is why, when someone offers a solution which could provide internet access to those who do not have it, you are bound to give it some attention.

What is RightMesh and What Does It Do?

RightMesh is a first of its kind blockchain solution which aims to connect those to the internet who do not have access to it – which is over 3.9 billion people spread across the globe (that’s over half the world’s population, by the way).

Staying true to its name, RightMesh aims to build a blockchain-powered ad hoc mesh network which will use already available technologies in mobile devices, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct to provide internet connectivity to its users.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, RightMesh claims to be self-sustainable where it could form re-wire connections over devices without a professional having to look into it.

The project will use direct peer-to-peer nodes for internet connectivity without having to rely on any special infrastructure for internet connectivity. It will also facilitate the exchange of exclusive content through the platform.

To achieve these functions, the RightMesh platform will utilize applications ranging from iOS and Android to Java, which it will couple with and power from blockchain technology. While the process and its execution is complicated, the RightMesh team does a prolific job of explaining it through its technical whitepaper.

Through these solutions, RightMesh aims to bring internet access to 1 billion people across the globe.

The platform will also provide its API to developers to integrate its solutions within other decentralized apps (DApps), which in turn will work to enhance the overall usage of the RightMesh network.

About the RightMesh (MESH) Token and Its ICO

RightMesh also has its own ERC 20 token (MESH), which will act as a utility token for the project. It will also allow interaction with other DApps that would integrate its usage within them.

MESH will be used to incentivize the action of nodes to power connectivity solutions between devices, for users to pay for premium services over the platform, and to be used as a utility token on the RightMesh platform when devices are not directly connected to the internet. It will also be utilized by those users who create and consume content on the platform.

The MESH have a total supply of 129,498,559 tokens (over 129 million), with each of them pegged at $1. The platform had its token generation event on February 15, 2018, with 30% of the total supply allocated towards public sale. With the presale event now completed, the platform will hold its crowdsale for its initial coin offering (ICO), which will begin on May 30, 2018.

The RightMesh platform will accept USD, EUR, CHF, GBP, DKK, SGD as well as BTC and ETH for its crowdsale event.

RightMesh Team

RightMesh is based out of Switzerland with team members also being in Canada, Bangladesh, Singapore and the U.S.

The RightMesh website mentions that it has more than 100 experts in various fields working on the project. Most of the key team members of RightMesh are also affiliated with a Canadian venture by the name of Left, another mesh network company.  

The RightMesh team seems experienced, since it has established LinkedIn profiles connected to almost every member of the staff.

With a unique idea that does not only provide a tangible technology but solutions that could change the world, RightMesh does seem like a beneficial idea.


The mesh market has quite a few players, a signal that indicates a relevant and growing field, it would up to the individual investor to choose which company that they think will thrive and execute on their idea, rapidly and effectively.

Disclaimer: Users should only invest in the ICO after doing their own research to determine whether it is a suitable project for them to invest in or not.