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Nitrogen Sports Review

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Nitrogen Sports features a Sportsbook, Blackjack, Dice, and Poker. A complete site that attracts everyone from first time betters to high rollers.

Nitrogen Sports

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Sports betting has been one of the fastest growing niche markets in the gambling industry, especially with the advent of e-games that sportsbooks have been only too eager to add to their repertoire. Based out of Costa Rica, Nitrogen Sports was one of the earliest to emerge on the scene, making their presence known in 2012. Since then, it has grown to be an industry leader, prioritizing secure and anonymous bets operating only with Bitcoin.

Their restrictions-free access has allowed the site to grow from a keen focus on Europe to a burgeoning fan base in Asia, especially due to the popularity of e-gaming in that region. With five years of experience under their belt, Nitrogen Sports has become a respected and key part of the online Bitcoin sports betting community.

Nitrogen Sports Screenshot


While the majority of the sporting action at Nitrogen Sports lies in the Western Hemisphere (Europe and the Americas), there is no lack of markets to choose from if you like betting on Asian soccer leagues, cricket, rugby, golf and even table tennis. There wasn’t any major sport that we couldn’t find listed, although some of the less popular sports such as handball, futsal and water polo were missing (that’s not such a bad thing, though).

In terms of odds, Nitrogen Sports is definitely on the higher end when it comes to getting the most out of your bet. They compared favorably to most of the major bookies on biggest games, offering odds at or slightly above average. However, they didn’t do as well on more exotic matches. For example, when we looked at the Algerian professional soccer league, odds were below averages at OddsPortal and 10% lower than the highest we found.

Don’t let that bother you, though! While we offer no guarantees, Nitrogen Sports apparently welcomes your own offer if you somehow manage to find better odds at their competitors – just open a support ticket and try your luck.

You can choose to show Decimal or American style odds (or both). They don’t offer Asian handicap or fraction odds.

Nitrogen Poker

On top of the sports book, they also have a top notch poker platform. Nitrogen Poker is a web based platform (meaning you do not have to download software to play) and it is the biggest Bitcoin poker platform around today attracting a lot of players on a daily basis.

Nitrogen Poker Table

Nitrogen Poker Rake

  • The rakes on cash games all ranges from 1% to 4%.
  • On tournaments the rake entry fee is 4% (very low compare to its competition).
  • If you join the loyalty program you will get 10% to 40% of rake back.

Nitrogen Poker Table Types

There are four main poker tables that are currently played which include:

  • No limit hold’em
  • Fixed limit hold’em
  • Pot limit hold’em
  • No limit crazy hold’em


There aren’t any standing bonuses given at Nitrogen Sports. However, we found one promotion that seem to be ongoing at any given time.

The first is the Parlay Jackpot, which offers multiple prize pools to 10 parlay bettors in three categories (max bet 0.01 BTC, max bet 0.1 BTC and no max bet) who win the most in a given month. The potential for additional prizes on a small outlay with huge odds is big, as we saw from last month’s #1 winner, who won top spot in all three categories with a 50 BTC payout on 460.033 odds, snagging an additional 5.9 BTC from the Parlay Jackpot.

A visit to their blog reveals that they also host other event-related promotions, such as the Conference Finals Parlay Promo and eSports Free Bet Promo. It pays to follow their social media to find out about promotions you can take advantage of!

Depositing and Withdrawing

Because of the current all-time high price of Bitcoin (steadying at USD 2,800 at time of writing), minimum bets may seem higher here when converting to fiat (the minimum bet is 1 mBTC, which is about USD 2.80), but that’s only a small factor to consider since sports betting doesn’t usually involve microbets anyway. The maximum bet accepted here varies from sport to sport and adjusts closer to the time of match. However, the maximum payout for a single bet slip is 100 BTC, while parlay bets have a max of 50 BTC payout.

For withdrawals, all previous deposits must have been confirmed on the Bitcoin network (1 confirmation up to 1 BTC deposits, 2 for up to 10 BTC, 3 for up to 50 BTC and 6 for more than 51 BTC). You are also able to transfer funds between player accounts directly with the same confirmation rules.

No fees are charged for any transactions. We do note that Nitrogen Sports has a clause in their terms reserving the right to request for identity verification, even though the site operates otherwise through anonymous transactions.


Excellent customer service – 24/7 live chat

All in one gambling site

Large bets

Instant deposit


User graphics as good as white label sites

Bonuses not that big

Bottom Line

The no-frills layout, quick deposit and withdrawals, competitive odds and even a chatbox with other bettors makes this site a breeze. There should be little complications between placing a bet and taking your winnings, and that’s how it appears to be at Nitrogen Sports.

However, if you’re the punter who prefers more exotic markets and a snazzier experience, you may find this site a little less appealing.

Nitrogen Sports

Bitcoin Casino