Cointelegraph Review Overview

If there’s anything to be said about British journalism, it’s that it’s always been at the forefront of good, quick and incisive news. The Cointelegraph certainly takes a page out of the UK handbook for journalism and is among the world’s best recognized sources for breaking news in the crypto arena.

Content-wise, there’s a lot of news and articles that caters to a diverse range of audiences. Complemented by in-house graphic designers who produce easily identifiable images for each article and an editorial style that’s crisp and professional, Cointelegraph has done well in localizing content, having international sites with its North American cousins in USA while also branching out to Eastern Europe, East and Southeast Asia.

The independent publication professes a love for Bitcoin and remains inherently aligned to its goal of education in financial tech: extending its reach not just into pure cryptocurrency but blockchain, decentralized applications, the “internet of finance” and next gen web.

Business oriented

Cointelegraph screenshot

Cointelegraph has the trappings of an experienced internet start-up, apparent from the way its production line is set up: a well-defined editorial team, advertising and management team that also conducts podcasts to communicate with its readers.

The news portal also has its own mobile app with push notifications, allowing for quick and updated news on the go.

It also offers a franchise opportunity for organisations and individuals who want to tap into its expertise in fintech. The turnkey solution helps interested parties run their own news business with a revenue-sharing model, providing support in editorial and translation, hosting and even marketing support.

An ICO calendar is also one of the more useful tools for investors found at Cointelegraph, with a simple tracking list of start and end timings of upcoming and ongoing ICOs.


Cointelegraph news page

Education was the paramount idea driving the launch of Cointelegraph with a dedicated section on Guides and Analytics housing useful reads such as Bitcoin 101 and Ethereum 101.

Under a section called Explained, you can access unique “how to” guides that explain some of business fundamentals of fintech and crypto using up-to-date and relevant case studies. Well-written pieces such as “How Digital Currencies Help Create Real-World Solutions” are particularly noteworthy as they employ class-room learning methods to help explain practical applications of fintech.

The price analyses on Cointelegraph, while written by enthusiasts rather than formal experts, are nevertheless sound and objective, with predictions and opinions every bit as precise as you’ll find on a professional trading platform.

For those interested in the legality of crypto, there’s also a section for Regulation which keeps track of various lawmaking and policy news (usually in relation to Bitcoin) from all over the world.


There’s a lot to like about Cointelegraph, especially if you’re a Gen Y with natural affinity to modern styles of high-quality journalism and reporting. They’re active on a host of social media platforms from Facebook and Twitter to even Soundcloud and Telegram.

If there is one criticism, it’s only that Cointelegraph also monetizes paid content, so you might get a false impression of validity when reading a submitted press release from any number of instant start-ups and projects from the crypto world. Review Overview

For the uninitiated, may very well be the first stop for any sort of interest in Bitcoin. After all, where else would you go to online if you don’t know the first thing about Bitcoin? However, it’s important to note that there actually isn’t any one body or organisation that holds single authority over Bitcoin – this is an important facet of Bitcoin that safeguards its foundations of decentralization.

Nevertheless, the story of lies with one of its earliest adopters – Roger Ver. The self-styled Bitcoin Angel Investor and Evangelist who currently resides in Japan, Ver owns, part of his early and shrewd moves into carving out a space of his own in the now booming arena of cryptocurrency. He continues to be a prominent – if divisive – personality and still commands a lot of respect and influence among the Bitcoin community.

This naturally translates into being one of the major sources of information related to Bitcoin primarily, and due to Ver’s diversification into alternative cryptocurrencies, financial tech as a whole. Forum

Business-centric news with a corporate feel has a heavy news focus on trading and Bitcoin businesses, owing to Ver’s own direction of aggressive marketing and entrepreneurship. A look at its Op-Ed section sees that it’s dominated by stories chronicling the price of Bitcoin – mostly in crypto-speak that will appeal to the crypto community such as “Odd Stories That Surface in Bitcoin-Land” and “Bitcoin’s Price Moon Bound Breaking $1400 and Climbing”.

A look at recent press releases published on the site also shows the same leanings, highlighting mainly new projects such as Token launches, ICO launches and Crowdfunding campaigns.

It’s unabashed about talking up Bitcoin’s continuously growing potential as the new wealth of the future, even promoting the “Blockchain Cruise”, a highly corporate event that will let you spend “9 days of luxury and knowledge” with the “Superstars of the Blockchain industry” on a cruise liner.

Subtle political undertones

There’s an entire separate discussion to be had about Ver’s stance on the ongoing Bitcoin scaling debate but in short, he is one of the most vocal proponents of Bitcoin Unlimited, an alternative proposal to the current Bitcoin core client, advocating an increase to the hard-coded blocksize limit.

On the other side of that debate lies the other major proposal called Segregated Witness which does not rely on blocksize to multiply capacity. naturally leans towards Unlimited, regularly publishing news about mining pools signalling for it and doing interview pieces with its developers. To be fair, it does not overtly display support, and still reports on Segregated Witness in the news (at least, when implemented on Litecoin). Conclusion

With backing from one of the oldest major players in the Bitcoin industry, you can be sure that will continue to push out decent news, particularly focusing on business aspects of Bitcoin. Trading enthusiasts will also be glad for the regular pricing analysis and predictions that are thoughtfully written and insightful.

CoinDesk Overview

One of the oldest cryptocurrency news portals around, coindesk has established itself as one of the most reputable brands when it comes to diligent reporting and sophisticated commentary on Bitcoin, and by extension, crypto.

While it may have started out in 2013 as a source of information for Bitcoin enthusiasts, it has grown quickly over the past few years and focuses today on groundbreaking issues around the world of cryptocurrency and financial technology. Over 1,500 articles were written in 2016, making this possibly one of the most resourced and productive crypto news portals available.

Owned by Digital Currency Group, coindesk is managed and operated independently with the same professionalism of a conventional newsroom. Its writers and contributors are also bound by disclosure policies that, among others, require them to be transparent about their digital holdings if writing about projects they themselves are invested in. It’s a one-of-a-kind attempt at transparency and objectivity and is one of several accountability mechanisms we’ve seen at coindesk that only strengthens its position as a voice of authority.

Not just news, but issues

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The immediate impression from landing on the coindesk frontpage is that there wasn’t a single highlighted story about Bitcoin’s historic surge past $2,000 USD (at time of writing, this happened less than 48 hours ago). We found it eventually, but it’s interestingly refreshing to see that the top two featured articles were about Consensus 2017. A live stream was also available for viewing right on the front page.

A further scan of the articles on show, feature or highlighted as editor’s picks were almost chiefly on analytical pieces, opinions, arguments or discussions on some of the most pertinent issues surrounding cryptocurrency, including the scaling debate, Bitcoin regulation and Ethereum smart contracts for business.

Many pieces are also co-authored or written by guest authors, some of whom are well-known crypto personalities. These are where the experts come to talk and discuss so you can almost be guaranteed that you’re reading something new, something different, something you won’t easily find anywhere else.

Real reporters

Coindesk Reporters

Another thing that strikes you about coindesk is that a lot of their stories feature actual news coverage, just as you would expect from a proper physical newspaper. The news stories, therefore, give the readers quite a bit of insight from events going on around the world from the perspective of coindesk reporters. Even the photographs published with the article are shot by the reporters, giving their articles a proper news feel about them.


If you’re looking for field reporting and specialist analysis, coindesk won’t disappoint you. There’s plenty to discuss and argue about, and they’ve got a keen eye on unfolding events around the world so you’ll likely hear it from them first.

However, if you, like many crypto hobbyists, actually prefer or enjoy more layman writing from armchair experts, then you might find the content on coindesk difficult to digest or even irrelevant to your usual practical needs. Even the editor admits on a feature article of the 2016 Bitcoin essay series that “it’s not exactly Ethereum 101”.

Crypto-News Overview

Shrugging off the typically business-like look and feel of other more established cryptocurrency news portals, Crypto-News dives right into the issues that matter most to the majority of crypto users online. This is apparent from the main content headings that grab you from the start, which include gambling, mining and trading.

Its prominence on gambling is explained by its dual partnership with, an online crypto gambling site that diversified into the content industry in 2016.

For a young news portal dedicated to cryptocurrency, has the impression of one punching well above its weight: with more than 600 articles already posted. Judging from a look at the most popular articles, users read posts about alt coins the most.

Crypto-News Homepage Screenshot

Hello, I’m new to Bitcoin

One of the main issues faced by crypto newbies is the maze of information online that must be navigated to keep up with the crypto-Joneses – most of the information easily available is quickly outdated by the furious pace of development.

The main sections of Crypto-News is probably helpful in that sense, containing simple “how-to’s” and newbie-oriented advice on the various facets of Bitcoin and other major alts such as Ethereum. The content is visibly lighter than others in terms of technical jargon and is mainly written in language that’s easy enough to understand without being too casual.

There’s a lot of recommended reads for the newcomer and Crypto-News’ Bitcoin Master Guide is a perfect place to hit the ground running if you want a short and snappy crash course on Bitcoin. Written in early 2017 by a single author, it is a series of 11 articles which describes current information about the main technological aspects of how Bitcoin works, starting with “Bitcoin” and following up with articles such as “Why is the Blockchain important?”, “The process of Bitcoin mining” and “Hashing”.

There’s quite a bit in these guides for experienced users as well, so the content hardly excludes crypto veterans.

News from the community, for the community

We mentioned earlier the different, less formal feel of the news found on Crypto-News and this probably is also mirrored by the information found on the authors. Most of them use pseudonyms and corresponding anonymous images but that’s not a bad reflection of the quality at all. The writing is generally thoughtful and responsive to current sentiment among its audience.

In fact, users already familiar with Crypto-Games and bitcointalk forum will recognize some of the more prolific writers at Crypto-News, as they use the same (anonymous) identities. Even the owners have written some of the older content, giving this particular news portal a well-translated community news feel.

While the level of engagement with readers does seem to be a bit on the low side, judging from comments and feedback on the articles, that’s to be expected from an emerging news portal with a lot more room for growth. With interesting takes and relevant news becoming more regular, especially on the trading and altcoins sections, it won’t be a surprise if Crypto-News gains a stronger following when it comes to all things crypto.