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Bitcoin Millionaire Monthly Profit April 2017

$32,190 – Last Month


$47,701 – This Month


$15,511 – Change


Welcome to the April profit report – my first one after launch! This is only a part time thing for me at the moment but if the profit from the month of April continues it may be a full time gig very soon.

This month I added more interviews, blog posts, resources, investments and got the first banner sponsor for Bitcoin Millionaire! In total after expenses I made 4.699 BTC, which brings my total balance to 36.028 BTC. With the rise in Bitcoin my balance is now worth $47,701 meaning I am up $15,511 for the month of April!

Bitcoin interviews added

In the month of April I added 3 new interviews with some cool founders. If you haven’t seen them they are worth checking out, a summary is below: – The founder Manfred goes into his open-source desktop application that allows you to buy and sell Bitcoins in exchange for national currencies, or alternative crypto-currencies.

Earn Bitcoins – The team of 4 have created a Bitcoin directory and shop that is helpful for new people to the Bitcoin space.

Game Protect – The founder walks us through some interesting cases in his online gaming consumer protection service for Bitcoiners.

Bitcoin blog posts

This month I got a few messages saying “gambling is not investing” which was in response to my Bitcoins that are currently invested in different Bitcoin gambling sites. It is a fair comment that is 100% wrong that I addressed in the blog post here – Understanding Bitcoin Gambling Investing.

Exploring Bitcoin lending further I put some Bitcoins into Poloniex and let people borrow them to margin lend (with interest of course). After a few weeks it seemed legit and I deposited more and wrote about it here – Making Bitcoins Lending At Poloniex.

First sponsor added for Bitcoin Millionaire

I tried to find a sponsor by doing something I had never done before (which seems retarded considering I have run Bitcoin Gambling Reviews for around 3 years). I looked at some keywords that I rank #1 for in google and on those keywords I noticed that there was a google paid ad which can be seen below (for one of the keywords).

Screenshot of a google keyword I rank for is advertising everywhere and on a lot of keywords I rank #1 for. I assume they must have a decent advertising budget, so I messaged them and asked if they wanted to have a paid banner spot on both sites (Bitcoin Gambling Reviews & Bitcoin Millionaire). They messaged me back within about 10 minutes and we negotiated a rate.

This ends up being a win/win for both of us. We essentially cut out the google middleman and go directly with each other. I charge less than what google does per click or impression but I also want to be a long term partner sharing in the affiliate deal. get to have their banner ad on a Bitcoin gambling review site (highly targeted) and also on Bitcoin Millionaire which features Bitcoin gambling interviews (targeted traffic as well).

Really cannot believe I haven’t tried this before as it was very easy and very fast!

April earnings

The total gain of $15,511 in the month of April came from three areas:

  • Website earnings through banner advertisements and affiliate income.
  • Bitcoin investments in Bitcoin gambling site bankrolls and Bitcoin lending.
  • Rise in the price of my Bitcoin balance.

Website Earnings:

In total the website earnings was 4.435 BTC ($5,872) for the month of April. This is easily the highest month ever for Bitcoin Gambling Reviews and Bitcoin Millionaire (also the first month).

The total revenue from affiliate income and banner sales was 4.947 BTC ($6,550).  However, banner ads are sold on a longer time frame than one month and I have included all of that income for this month. I could split it out but as it was paid into my wallet this month, I want to record earnings on a cash flow basis.

The combined expenses for both sites was 0.512 BTC ($678) which included the initial press release on Cointelegraph for Bitcoin Millionaire and writers costs for Bitcoin Gambling Reviews.

Bitcoin Investments:

In total I made 0.264 BTC ($350) from investing in 4 different Bitcoin gambling bankrolls and Poloniex (lending Bitcoins). That 0.264 BTC was made on a total investment of 24.351 BTC giving a Bitcoin investment return of 1.08%. The current 24.615 BTC (24.351 + 0.264) is invested as per below:

  • Crypto-Games: 5.037 BTC
  • KingDice: 1.342 BTC
  • YoloDice: 2.242 BTC
  • SafeDice: 2.684 BTC
  • Poloniex: 13.310 BTC


Plot of Investment returns as a % for April

It is not a perfect month to analyse in detail as Poloniex was not invested for the full month and I am slowly pulling out more Bitcoins from there. I also decreased my holding size in YoloDice as I got worried after the founder did not complete the interview request.

I would love to just split my total Bitcoin balance into all these sites evenly and let it sit for 5 years. However, that would limit my earnings and likely increase my risk. An example of why I cannot do this is lending at Poloniex. For a brief 20 minutes I saw an opportunity to get monthly returns of about 18% so I deposited a lot of my Bitcoins. As soon as the transaction confirmed the opportunity was gone and rates were back to about 1% a month. At that stage I realized that the most you can withdraw a day is $2,000 worth of Bitcoin. So to this day I am still withdrawing daily until the balance gets to a reasonable number.

In terms of portfolio sizing, I am starting to give this more thought. I will try to create a risk/reward ratio (both qualitative and quantitative factors based on my Bitcoin Gambling Investment Experiment) to work out the maximum holding ratio in one given investment. There is always a real chance the sites could run away with my Bitcoins and the majority of the money I have made this month has come from the growth in Bitcoin itself.

Rise in Bitcoin price

At the end of the month my Trezor Cold Wallet balance was lower at 11.413 BTC (note there are multiple wallet addresses in my Trezor and I will keep a small amount in non public addresses to pay my writers anonymously) as I had invested more of my Bitcoins into Poloniex. The investing is a great way to earn some more Bitcoins but the value increase of Bitcoin going from $1,027 to $1,324 this month is where the majority of my earnings has come from!

I have no desire to speculate as to where the price of Bitcoin will go to next, but I am obviously bullish. The fact that so much of the earnings come from the rise in Bitcoin means I might decrease my exposure investing in sites that hold my private keys to my wallet.

I posted this on Twitter early this month and thought I would share it again just showing the amazing run Bitcoin has had:

Bitcoin returns at different times

 What’s next in May?

Next month I will be working on the investment portfolio sizing, doing some more interviews and adding more Trusted Resources. I will try and read the book ‘The Internet of Money’ this month and write a review of it too!

Lastly if you want your business listed on this site and/or you want to advertise on Bitcoin Millionaire please get in touch 🙂