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Summary is a relatively new casino to hit the online gambling space for cryptocurrencies. They accept a wide variety of coins for payment are provably fair and offer an easy to use interface.

Bitcoin Casino


So what is

Well, is online cryptocurrency based casino. is an interesting casino because it gives the user the option to utilize a variety of cryptocurrencies. The online cryptocurrency casino accepts more than twenty of some of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world right now.

Coins that the site utilizes are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitshares, Blackcoin, BURST, Bytecoin, Cardano, CLAMs, DASH, Decred, Digibyte, Dogecoin, Electroneum, Ethereum and much more! They even have Zcash, WAVES, Vericoin, Verge, Stellar Lumens, Ripple, NEO and, GAS!

The site seems to be looking to becoming one of the leading casinos by being able to bring in more users catering to more cryptocurrencies. looks like it was founded in late 2016 and came to light through a user by the name of “luckygames” on a bitcointalk thread. According to the luckygames user, the site went through a rebrand of and launched with a new look, feel and management. The new management aims to provide the best experience for players in the realm of cryptocurrency.

The current games available for play at is; Balls, Dice, Roulette, Cells and, Hacker.

The site offers a minimal house edge of 1% giving users a good shot at winning money, just one of the many great features offered by the site.

In addition to these features listed above, the site also provides a chat option to talk with other players, stats and the availability to exchange tokens!

Lastly, their customer service is done through a live chat. They typically reply in under five minutes, if they don’t you can leave your email address and they will follow up with you.

Ready to learn more about the other aspects of, great, let’s talk about gameplay next!

Luckygames Homepage


There’s a variety of games at play. The site has a couple of features that contribute to the gameplay, a few of these are the fact that it provably fair, they accept US players, integrate security and anonymity as part of their process.

Let’s go a bit further into these contributing aspects of gameplay below.

Provably Fair 

This online gambling casino uses the provably fair verification system which allows players to check the fairness of every bet to verify that they have not been manipulated. In this manner, the site essentially guarantees that they are not manipulating games. The site even provides the user with a small guide on how to verify their games.

Acceptance of United States Players

This acceptance of US players might be an interesting feature as US laws can be quite stringent when it comes to online gambling. Due to the fact that they dealing in cryptocurrencies this means that there is an added level of acceptance, no fiat, just crypto.

Site Security & Simplicity

A cursory glance at the site shows that it does carry a security certificate issued by CloudFlare Inc. Signing up for an account on the site is rather easy. All one has to do is create a username and set a password and they can proceed to deposit a currency to start playing.

Now that we’ve talked about support factors, let’s go into the games themselves!


Balls is an interesting game because it seems like it is unique to this site. This is a fun game because the user has to guess what ball the magnet will choose. The user has the ability to choose up to 8 balls, but the more balls you choose, the lower your win amount.

If the user chooses correctly, they can win.


This classic game is also a part of their platform. Couple with high multipliers fast automated betting, this game definitely yields a great experience.

Roulette & Cells

These two games are also interesting and can be simple or complex based on the level of the user. What’s great is that for some games that you might not be familiar with, (like cells) they provide a brief how to.

The min bet amounts on this site are 0.1BTC. The Multipliers that are available to players range from 1.21x to 10.89x.


They are currently running a promotion where individuals are able to enter into a contest, and those who play the most are able to win.

If a user becomes a VIP they will be able to have access to more coins from the Rain bot, the Dice Chat game and will be able to see the profit of any player.

They are currently doing an ADA cryptocurrency giveaway and they seem to do these regularly.

Depositing and Withdrawing

Depositing and withdrawing on the platform seems to be straightforward and a pleasant experience. The site also provides deposit instructions for some coins that need it.

Another good thing that the site provides is the fact that one will be able to know how many confirmations are needed for each coin, letting the user know in advance that they would have to account for the network confirmations prior to seeing the deposit reflected.

When it comes to the withdrawals the case is also the same, it is rather straightforward. The user can clarify their address, their amount and even name their priority.

Withdrawal Luckygames


Accepts multiple coins

No registration needed

Provably Fair

Big Bonus

Online customer support


No live dealer games

Bottom Line

Overall, it should be noted that luckygame is an interesting casino and provides excellent gameplay.

This casino provides a variety of options to win and even earn money as they have an affiliates section. Allowing people with an interest in spreading the word about to earn money.

Furthermore, they have a store where users can purchase VIP passes for a day and items like an Apple MacBook Pro, a PlayStation or Ipad.

This casino is definitely doing a lot of things for their userbase from games, to their exchange, to contests, affiliate marketing and giving free lucky tokens.

This site definitely keeps their user base engaged. What more could one want from an online casino?

Bitcoin Casino