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Bitcoin Millionaire Launch

Welcome to my first ever profit report on Bitcoin Millionaire! This is the first of many monthly updates to come showing my Bitcoin balance and summarizing my monthly profit or loss. My balance change will come from different investments, income from different sites I run or manage and also different ways to make Bitcoins that I test out.

I will be updating my Bitcoin wallet balance and location of my Bitcoins every month, so you can follow where my Bitcoins are at any given moment!

As of April 1, I have added six Bitcoin founder interviews to the Bitcoin Businesses page. In total the six businesses make a combined profit of $137k/month equivalent in Bitcoins! A big Thank You to the founders who shared intimate details of their businesses!

Some of the six interviews include:

Crypto-Games (making $54.3k/month) advice for others looking to create a similar business – “Make it crystal clear in your mind of what success is for you, and prioritize solving problems that have the largest impact on your reality and ability to get where you want to be.” 

Zodiac from Bitvest (making $19.1k/month) on the greatest challenge the site faced – “Attracting investors and players. In this industry, it’s challenging to get started. You need to provide something special to stand out from the others.”

Crypto-News (making $400/month) on the inspiration to create the site – “We perceived a lack in the news space for Bitcoin and Blockchain-based technology. This perception allowed us to step up and do something about it.”

Submit your Bitcoin business

If you are reading this and you run a profitable Bitcoin business, let’s get in contact. Fill out the form on the contact page and I will add you to the site. Remember I want to make it a bit more personal and detailed than other sites, so a requirement is that you share your monthly profit. If that is not possible then please come back when you feel comfortable sharing it.

You may have noticed that most of the first interviews revolve around Bitcoin gambling and that is mostly due to my network with successful Bitcoin businesses (that being I founded Bitcoin Gambling Reviews). Please note that I want ALL profitable Bitcoin businesses to be added to this site, but given my current network Bitcoin Gambling sites were generally the first to respond positively to my interview requests.

How did I get my current Bitcoin balance?

If you have read the Bitcoin Gambling Reviews interview you will know that this is how I have been making the majority of my Bitcoins to date. The only purchase I have made of late has been 5 Bitcoins for $3,000 when I started the Bitcoin Gambling Investment Experiment about 34 weeks ago, and the rest has been made from my Bitcoin Gambling Reviews.

The success of the Bitcoin Gambling Investment Experiment is a big driver behind creating this site and is why a large portion of my Bitcoins are now invested in Bitcoin Gambling bankrolls.

My TOTAL Balance as of April 1:

$32,190 or 31.329 BTC and it is located as per below:

  • Trezor Cold Wallet Balance: 17.257 BTC
  • Bitcoin Gambling Investments: 14.072 BTC
    • Crypto-Games: 4.908 BTC
    • KingDice: 1.318 BTC
    • YoloDice: 5.206 BTC
    • SafeDice: 2.640 BTC

What’s Next?

Next month I will be focusing on doing more interviews, sharing my monthly profit or loss which will also include the earnings from Bitcoin Gambling Reviews. I will be adding more Trusted Resources as I do more research or people submit useful Bitcoin sites.

Lastly I will keep my eye out for different Bitcoin investment opportunities during the month. If you have any that you think I should have a look at, please leave a comment below!