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LAPO Blockchain ICO Interview

ICO Interview

Founded in 2017

2 Founders

Updated May/18

LAPO coin is a global cryptocurrency that will offer high speed transactions with high levels of security and privacy without the volatility of other cryptocurrencies. Read on for our interview with the Founder.

Key ICO Information:

  • Symbol: LAX
  • LAX Presale Price $0.025 USD
  • Currencies accepted: Ethereum, Bitcoin and Fiat

When did you first get into Bitcoin and why?

I started exploring the Blockchain technology with my developer friends Christian and Silvio 4 years ago. We mined our first Bitcoin when the price was around $300. At that time, we were more interested in “mining” than in the innovative solution we are working on. When I realized the full potential behind the blockchain technology, I have not done more than look for alternatives to get the most out of it.

When was your Business Founded?

This month we are celebrating the official Foundation of the LAPO Blockchain AG in the Crypto Valley of Zug in Switzerland, one of the most crypto-friendly places in the world. But we started more than a year ago to develop the concept behind and to work on several steps with the support of LUI.IS GMBH Blockchain Lab.

Where did the inspiration for your ICO come from?

I created a WhatsApp group to talk about virtual currency investments and one of the hottest topics was the high volatility of cryptocurrencies. So, I started the topic about a stable coin. We started thinking about how this would be possible, and many ideas came up. But what all of us agreed was that a stable currency was necessary to break the limits of today’s crypto-world. This is how the LAPO coin (LAX) came about.  And then, analyzing all the possibilities that a stable cryptocurrency would offer to the businesses, we started to develop the idea of a full ecosystem.

What is the benefit for the people who participate in your ICO?

People who participate in this stage of the ICO can acquire the LAPO coin at a lower price than could be purchased at the exchanges or than the equipment necessary to mine it. Besides that, they are getting a real cryptocurrency that they could use to buy goods and services.

How will your business make money in the future?

Because our products will become useful and necessary tools for people to make the most of this technology. Our Decentralized Exchange and our Crypto-payment solution will be the first stream of revenue. Then we will setup our own Bank that will become our second stream. The key service offering of the LAPO Bank will be the LAPO Trading Platform and an additional offering will be the first loans in fiat or selected cryptocurrencies with LAPO as collateral.

How big is your team at the moment?

We are a group of professionals located in different countries, which has given us the opportunity to spread LAPO’s word around the world. We started as a group of 5 and now we are 17. More than half are working full time and we’re still looking for talent to strengthen the team. 17 professionals with proven expertise in the fields of Finance, Legal and Technology gained in globally recognized companies based in Switzerland, Europe, South America and Australia. And we are hiring some more developers.

What is the idea behind your ICO?

The idea is to create a safe and stable ecosystem for crypto-assets to connect crypto-finance with the traditional financial industry. This will facilitate the integration and broad acceptance of the Blockchain technology into the traditional finance, making daily transactions simpler, cheaper, faster and safer.

Can you walk us through the critical components of your business and how it will work?

The first step of our journey is the LAPO Coin (LAX), a low volatility coin that has a Monetary Policy. This Monetary Policy, a sort of Central Bank, is controlled by an Open Source Artificial Intelligence. Due these special features we have called it the next generation cryptocurrency. We have already sold 100millions LAX.

The second step is the LAPO ePlatform, a suite of Financial Tools enabled by Blockchain innovation and powered by Artificial Intelligence. It integrates a Payment & Merchant Portal to allow businesses to easily accept all crypto payments. The platform also has a Decentralized Exchange to allow our user to exchange cryptos and FIAT value.

And the last step of our journey is the LAPO Bank that will be a bridge between crypto and traditional banking. The bank will allow to lend FIAT money based on crypto collateral, to escrow the cryptos of an ICO converting it after the ICO immediately into FIAT assets and to distribute Credit Card collaterized by crypto assets.

What was the greatest challenge you have faced so far?

We’re investing a lot of resources and budget on the Artificial Intelligence. This because we believe that machines can’t lie and that they take always decisions based on the best interest of the collectivity and not just for themselves. It is a very new Artificial Intelligence application and that’s the reason why it has taken us so much time and money, but everything has been worth it. The Decentralized Exchanges with Atomic Swap and the Smart Contracts are also a big challenge we’re facing now.

Where do you see your business in 5 years time?

In five years our entire ecosystem will be running, including our full banking license. That means that our business will have a global presence, and that our products will be used around the world. We see LAPO Blockchain as one of the top players into the Cryptocurrency / Payment / Banking world.  

If you were to start again, what would you do differently? Why?

To focus a bit more on PR because it’s good to have an early good product but if you’re not able to communicate and promote it, is quite difficult to attract capital.

What are the biggest factors that will bring success?

First, innovation. We are solving a real problem, bringing an innovative solution.

Second, user experience. All our products, starting from the wallet, are easy to use even for those who are not tech savvy.

Third, passion. We love what we do and that’s why we are always one step ahead.

What’s your advice to other ICOs or Bitcoin businesses who are just starting out?

Think about a problem that really needs Blockchain as solution. This because sometimes I see big projects that can be easily done without Blockchain technology or, even worse, that are impossible to develop with the Blockchain technology (scalability problems, unmutable data, etc…), but they propose it only because they see it as a trend. It’s true, Blockchain has great potential, but it will not solve all the problems in the world.

Aside from your website where else are you present on Social Media and how can people get in contact with you?

We are present in Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and we have a great Telegram Community. But off course the network I prefer is a good coffee at our Offices in Zurich or Zug.

Disclaimer –  We do not endorse or are not being paid to promote this ICO.

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