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ICO Interview

Founded in 2016

3 Founders

Updated Dec/17

HADE Technologies, LLC was formed in early 2016 but the three founders have been working on the project for the past four years. Through the use of advanced technology HADE will apply data visualization, analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to the investment research industries including crypto-currencies.  Read on for our interview with Brian, one of founders. 

Key Information about the ICO:

  • HADE tokens (Symbol: HADE) are based on Ethereum blockchain technology.
  • ETH is accepted in the crowd sale. HADE Token is Ethereum derived.
  • 1 ETH = 5800 HADE.
  • All HADE tokens will be transferable once the token sale event is complete.
  • Soft Cap of $5 million
  • Total Token supply of $1 billion

Those who possess HADE Token will be able to purchase premium services on the HADE Platform. They can also be converted to ad space that is sold to advertisers or can be used to purchase advertisements when the HADE Advertising Network is complete by early 2018.

Ok, thanks for interviewing! First Question when did you first get into Bitcoin and why?

I was actually a bit of a late bloomer. I did not buy my first bitcoin until 8 months ago, and I bought 13. I had heard about it, followed it, but just didn’t see the value. It’s kind of ironic given that I made a career out of finding misplaced investment bets. I literally wrote the book on value investing, and overlooked the greatest value of this generation.

As for why, I think it was the UK’s vote to leave the EU, and Euro, seeing the politics and discord, and realizing the worldwide problem with trade and financial regulation. It just seemed right to have a decentralized currency, a currency of the same value everywhere, completely stripped from any one country, regulatory agency, or governing body. Needless to say, I’m a believer, and I don’t think it or cryptocurrency in general is going anywhere.

Where did the inspiration for your ICO come from?

In part my own bet on the future for cryptocurrencies, and a desire for my company to gain worldwide exposure by incorporating a single currency with equal value. The other part was actual competitive advantages that we gain by having a cryptocurrency and incorporating blockchain.

First, there’s no way we can compete dollar for dollar with the likes of Bloomberg or Reuters. However, with the use of HADE token we can incentivize talented writers, analysts, and bloggers alike to produce exclusive content to HADE Platform in exchange for HADE Tokens. This move instantly puts us on a level playing field.

Second, the face of our business is content, but the backbone is our relationship with enterprise customers. We have built the world’s most in-depth database of financial information, yet potential customers still question the reliability of our database. It does not matter that all data in our database was manually collected over years, checked, quality checked, and then updated every three months. It’s impossible to address questions of reliability and accuracy, yet our competitors don’t have to answer the same questions, because they have 30 years of history to their credit. The only possible way that we can compete with that is with blockchain, by creating a secondary database that is used to source the origination of data in our primary database. Not only does this create new models for data analysis, but it addresses the question of trust and reliability. With one small move, we instill trust, and that’s a game changer.

How will your business make money in the future?

We make money several ways since our service is more of a platform, which includes advertising. We sell premium stock and crypto research products, like 40 page research reports in real time with the click of a button from artificial intelligence on any of the near 5,000 companies in our database. These are all breakthrough products…. Then we also license our technology via APIs and provide a variety of solutions for enterprise customers.

How big is your team at the moment?

Altogether we have 35. There are three founders of the company, who started it together, and another 32 people who work for the company.

What is the idea behind your ICO?

We want to become the largest producer of finance, investment, business, and crypto content by volume. We aim to do this via HADE Rewards, attracting talented writers and analysts to contribute exclusive content on our platform in exchange for HADE token. Not only will we monetize this traffic with advertisements, but convert that traffic into paid members. We believe that by building one of the world’s largest networks of individual investors, finance professionals, and financial institutions, that we will successfully penetrate new industries like tokenized investment funds. Many have this goal, but our approach is different because we believe the eventual leader must have the ecosystem of users in place in order to make it work.

What was the greatest challenge you have faced so far?

In our business, it has definitely been convincing customers to trust our data. In essence, our business revolves around our database. The integration of blockchain really is a game changer to solve that problem.

Where do you see your business in 5 years time?

I believe we can have at least 5,000,000 monthly active users and 50,000 paid users. The secret sauce really is content production and conversion of paid members. We already have the services, now we just need the traffic, and HADE Rewards will get us there.

If you were to start again, what would you do differently? Why?

I would definitely start off with blockchain integration. That would have significantly improved our conversion of enterprise customers.

What are the biggest factors that will bring success?

Whether we can attract talent with HADE Rewards, which I believe we can due to the overwhelming interest in cryptocurrencies. Everyone wants a piece of it. Otherwise, I am extremely confident in the free services we offer regular users and the quality of our paid services.

What’s your advice to other ICOs or Bitcoin businesses who are just starting out?

Only do it if it makes sense. For us, having a cryptocurrency with blockchain integration is a game changer. It really lets us break competition barriers. But beyond that, our enterprise business deals with 6, 7, even 8 figure transactions. These are not transactions where you can swipe a credit card. Payments are contracts are a real pain. Hence, crypto and smart contracts are an advantage. With that said, I see many ICOs and Bitcoin businesses where the optics make no sense, and they will ruin their businesses. So I would say only do it if it makes sense.

Aside from your website where else are you present on Social Media and how can people get in contact with you?

We are everywhere. People can find us on Twitter and Facebook as HADE Platform, LinkedIn as HADE Technologies, and join our HADE Token sale Telegram channel. We also have a HADE Platform YouTube channel that has good content.

Disclaimer –  We do not endorse or are not being paid to promote this ICO.