Bitcoin Gambling 

Since 2013 with the Bitcoin price sky rocketing the Bitcoin gambling market has also grown exponentially. There are literally 100’s of casinos (and soon to be 1000’s) that accept Bitcoin. To make it more interesting and complicated for players, as of early 2017 altcoins as a whole became more valuable than Bitcoin.

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Some of the altcoins are even better suited for gambling. As such, many online casinos now accept multiple cryptocurrencies from ethereum, litecoin, dogecoin, dash, gridcoin, litecoin, monero, peercoin and others! However, Bitcoin is still the dominant player in the game.

New gambling sites come and go, so here you will find reviews of the top rated casinos, slots, dice, poker, and sports betting sites among others. Giving you concise information on how the sites work, the software they use, whether they have a trustworthy team running the sites, the currencies they accepts and of course the latest bonuses with some being exclusive to our readers.

Whether you are new to crypto gambling or a long time player this area will have something for you. For the complete newbies we will explain the benefits of crypto gambling and help you get your first coins, and for the experienced players we will give detailed nuances that different cryptocurrencies have across different gambling sites.

So how does Bitcoin compare in terms of gambling use?

Transaction speed

The sheer traffic going through the Bitcoin network now means you have to be aware of how many unconfirmed transactions there are during the time you wish to transact. It’s probably the only cryptocurrency now where you have to actively monitor the network to save time and money (transact at low peak, and use an effective fee rate).

The other issue is you have limited means to control how much casinos will pay as fees when processing your withdrawals. Some allow for fast withdrawals at higher fees, while others don’t have a way for you to adjust that. This has also led to some scams, as the long delays in confirmation opens a window for double spending (you’ll see your transaction in the blockchain but it will never confirm).

There are some ways for you to try and speed up confirmations after the transaction, but few are free and most will cost you some money and hassle.

Transaction cost

Bitcoin is probably the costliest of all cryptocurrencies when it comes to transaction costs, because of its current inability to scale to demand (currently). You have to pay fees every time you deposit to a casino, and at peak times and for a large amount of data (the size of your “input”), you might end up paying a sizeable fraction of your transaction as fees. These tend to be quite high nowadays but can fluctuate a lot with the price.


Bitcoin isn’t actually as anonymous as you might think. All transactions are recorded on a public ledger against visible addresses. The moment you give out your address, anyone can track how much you own, which addresses you’ve received from and which you’ve sent to. For the average user, however, this isn’t really a problem, unless a casino payout’s address is known and you’re trying to keep your gambling hobby private!

I’m ready to gamble my Bitcoin! What type of gambling can I do and where?

If an online casino accepts cryptocurrency, chances are, it definitely accepts Bitcoin (with the odd exception). With everyone rushing to embrace the brave new world of cryptocurrency, there’s no shortage of casinos that’ll let you gamble you Bitcoin, one way or other.

The main types of Gambling games around today:

Bitcoin Casinos:

No matter what type of casino you love, it will exist in the crypto gambling space too. From the classic table games, to slots, blackjack, video poker and more, Bitcoin casinos cater to all.

Like normal online casinos slots is still the most popular game with nearly all casinos over 10’s or 100’s of unique slot games each. When you do do start playing you will notice top bitcoin casinos will all use similar software from huge names in the industry including iSoftBet, Betsoft Gaming, and Amatic to nae a few.

Although there are a lot of big casinos already in action there are some very popular casinos made by a small team of developers. These can also offer individuals the opportunity to invest in the casino (as the house) and share in the profit.

Our Top 5 Rated Casinos Today Include:

  • Crypto-Games
  • FortuneJack

Bitcoin Dice:

Dice sites and dice games easily see the largest gambling volume bar no other game. They are hugely popular and as such there are a non stop supply of new dice sites hitting the market.

So why are dice sites so popular?

It is hard to answer that question but there are likely a number of factors including:

The low house edge:Dice sites today vary between a 0.5% to 1% house edge. Clearly this trumps any casino house edge.

They are very social:They have active chats with hundreds of users online and users get rewarded with small amount of Bitcoins for chatting on the top dice sites.

They are really fast:If you visit the top dice sites you will see they have millions of bets every month.

They are provably fair:They are very transparent and can be proved very quickly that they are not cheating their players.

Players can invest:Top dice sites give the option for players to invest and earn a share of the sites profit.

Our Top Rated Dice Sites:

  • Nitrogen Sports
  • Crypto-Games
  • FortuneJack

Bitcoin Poker:

Crypto Poker has been up and down over the years. There have been some sites come and go but there are still some good ones to be found today. Generally the critical mass of cyrpto poker players has not yet hit mass adoption so there are not always tables for everyone to play 24-7.

Our Top Rated Bitcoin Poker Sites Include:

  • Nitrogen Sports
  • FortuneJack

Bitcoin Sports Betting:

Bookmakers in the crypto space are growing in size but in general there are not many stand along bookmakers compared to fiat sports betting. For this reason you will see a lot of sports betting sites that have casinos and dice games as well. A lot have come and gone over the years but there are some top betting sites that have stayed around.

Our Top Rated Sports Betting Sites:

  • Nitrogen Sports