• What is Bitcoin Millionaire?

    Bitcoin Millionaire is a site that serves 3 fundamental purposes:

    1. Interview top Bitcoin businesses today so others can learn from ther success.
    2. Test different ways to make & grow Bitcoins and share the experience openly.
    3. Document the journey of making Bitcoins with the ultimate goal of making $1 Million in Bitcoins.
  • How do I get listed on your site?

    Please get in touch on the contact form on the home page and I will get back to you. I currently listing people that meet 1 of the 3 requirements below:

    1. Have a Bitcoin business that makes over $100 a month equivalent in Bitcoins.
    2. You make over $100 a month in Bitcoins by offering a product or service that people pay you in Bitcoins.
    3. You are running a Business that is planning on accepting Bitcoins in the future and makees over $100 a month.

    To be listed I require you disclose your monthly income and answer questions I have about your site or the way you make Bitcoins. I will not check (unless you are open to share) but please be as transparent as possible.

  • Do you accept any sponsors or affiliates?

    Please get in touch on the contact form at the bottom of this page and we can discuss further. Banner advertisements will be an option in the future as well as feature or listing sites that will launch soon. Affiliate deals will be looked at on a case by case basis as I will not promote anything that could be a potential scam.

  • Why are you sharing your Income Reports? How do we know it is real?

    Never trust anything without solid proof, especially investment opportunities in the Bitcoin space. At Bitcoin Millionaire I will try to be as transparent as possible by showing my Bitcoin Wallet public address (and signing it as proof). However, some of the income streams from investments or other sites will be more difficult to prove, but I will do my best to be as open as I can (without putting anything at personal risk).

    Using the site will be 100% free and I sincerely hope that people enjoy the content and that it helps people make and grow their Bitcoins. However, this is not an altruistic endeavor and I will be trying to profit from this site, either through affiliates or sponsors.

  • Are you open to suggestions on new ways to Make and Grow Bitcoins?

    Absolutely! If you have a new or exsiting method of making or growing Bitcoins and it is not currently listed on this site, I want to hear from you! Get in touch on the contact form and I will investigate further ????

  • Why should I share my Business information?

    If you let me interview you, your site gets listed for free and you will get a lot of free traffic! A lot of Bitcoin sites either share how much money they make today directly or indirectly (showing product sales or volume numbers) anyway. If you don’t want to share that information then please do not make contact as I will not list your site.

  • Are you hoarding all your Bitcoin profits? How do you live?

    I sure am! The goal is to make and grow my Bitcoin holdings until I get to the 1 Million USD worth! Then what? Who knows ????

    How do I live? Not from my Bitcoins, yet!

  • How can I recommend or be added to the Trusted Resources page?

    If you believe I have missed a trusted Bitcoin resource or you are a trusted resource and you want to be listed, please get in contact. My aim is to have an up to date list of trusted Bitcoin resources, this means I will need to check the resource out before added it and also updating the list with resources that are no longer trustworthy.