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DuckDice are a new dice roll game which allows the user to gamble on the number they expect to roll. Provably fair and a strong community aspect this dice game has the potential to grow rapidly in popularity.


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Overview is an online dice roll game where interested players can try their hands on guessing the dice number before it is generated, and place their bets according to their predicted outcome. accepts betting in cryptocurrency and entertains 7 of the most popular cryptocurrencies.

Interested players can deposit and withdraw funds in their account using any of these cryptocurrencies, and start enjoying the game.

The game is similar to the other online dice roll games out there. In the roll, the dice generates a number between 0 to 9,999. However, before it does that, players have to guess whether the number they are selecting will be lower or higher than the generated number.

If the players believe that their picked number will fall lower than the generated number, then they can roll Low. If their assumption is true, they win the round.

Similarly, if the players think that the number which they picked is going to be higher than the dice number, then they can roll High. On meeting the prediction, they can enjoy their win payout.

Needless to say, in the cases where the players are wrong, they lose, and have to bid adieu to their bet amount. However, even when that happens, players know that it was not the site’s fault due to its provably fair mechanism.

The site also offers support through its live chat option, but it seems that the chat option allows you to enter your inquiry and it then pulls up some content that would answer your question. If that query does not provide a true result you will then see a live chat option that you can tap into. The customer service is great, they actually respond!


DuckDice Homepage

The site creates an automatic account for its users upon their very first visit to the site. The players can claim that account later by associating an email address with it so they could login with their own account regardless of whether they are using the same device or not. operates at a 1% house edge, which seems to be on par with most of the online dice roll sites.

While placing their bets as described above, players also have the option to select a chance to win percentage. This directly correlates with the payout multiplier, since a higher chance to win percentage means a lower bet multiplier, while a low chance to win percentage translates to a higher payout.

The minimum bet amount depends upon the cryptocurrency in which users are playing. For instance, the minimum bet amount for BTC is set as 0.0000001, while for ETH the amount gets to be 0.000001.

Similarly, the maximum win amount for a single bet also differs from cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency. While it is slated as 4 BTC for Bitcoin bets, it gets to be 134 ETH for bets placed in Ether.

Other than that, also has additional features which enhance the overall gameplay.

Provably Fair: has a provably fair mechanism which it defines clearly on its site. This lets players have the peace of mind that the gameplay remains neutral and not in the favor of the site itself.

Automatic Bets: By using this feature, players can set up automatic bets through their funds. This means that they do not have to setup each bet manually. Each round of automatic bets can go on until a predefined condition set by the player has been met, such as the specified number of rolls.

Community Chat: The site provides an interaction platform to all users as a sidebar chat interface, which enhances user participation and adds a social aspect to the game. However, if socializing is not someone’s cup of tea, then they can turn off the community chat feature.

Reward Distribution: The community chat feature also lets other players distribute their own rewards among online players, which the game terms as “making it rain”. This also enhances the sense of community and adds another aspect to the gameplay.

Tips: Similar to reward distribution, a player can share some of their existing funds with another user of their choice on the site. This feature also enhances the social and community aspect of the game.

Faucet: The site also has a faucet system, which basically provides a demo of the game to the users by providing them with minimal balance in cryptocurrency so they could try out the game without having to go through the procedure of transferring their own cryptocurrency to By using this feature, players can experience the full game in action before deciding whether it’s a good fit for them or not.

Jackpot: The site has a progressive jackpot, which starts at 0.25 BTC and keeps increasing until a user hits the roll of 7777, with their bet ID symbol ending in 7. The jackpot amount accumulated until that time gets transferred to the winner, and the jackpot gets reset to 0.25 BTC again to start the whole cycle again.

Built-In Exchange: This feature allows users to instantly trade their existing, already deposited cryptocurrency with another supported cryptocurrency. This is to add to the gameplay features so users could place bets in their choice of cryptocurrency from the exchange’s offered list. The current exchange rate is always displayed on the site for this purpose.

Referral Program: The site also has a referral program through which existing players can earn Bitcoin by referring other users to the site.

Depositing and Withdrawing

Deposits can be made to’s specified wallet address for each user. There is no minimum deposit limit for any cryptocurrency. The site also vows to facilitate deposits within a few minutes at most, depending upon network confirmations for each cryptocurrency.

However, the withdrawals do have a minimum amount which varies per cryptocurrency. While does not charge a fee of its own for withdrawals, network fees still applies, and the site actually partially covers low fees for its players as well.


Accepts 7 major cryptocrurencies

Live chat for customer support

Provably fair

No minimum deposit


Only the 1 game

No bonuses

Bottom Line

With its added feature to an otherwise basic gameplay, offers much more than your usual dice game without actually affecting the dynamics of the original concept.The provably fair mechanism, community features, and assurance of a provably fair game all add to’s value proposition, and make the game all the more exciting to play.


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