DREAM- using blockchain to make your dreams come true

Dream, a new ICO, wants to make your business dreams come true by matching you with the best possible team of freelancers to help you. They are using blockchain and artificial intelligence to make a marketplace where people can find freelancers to work for them and freelancers can find work.

The DREAM Machine

DREAM is making what they call “the DREAM ecosystem”. It is made up of three products that are built on blockchain and help you develop and run your project, as well as find people to work on your project. All of these products are made to solve three issues.

The first issue is the failure of a project due to bad planning. This is a huge problem in the world of ICO’s because, in a lot of cases, people have great ideas and a great vision, but do not plan how they will get there. This leads to a project that has no idea what they are going to do, even if they have a great product in mind.

The second problem is are trying to help is the problems one-to-one hiring cause. The main problem that occurs in one-to-one hire systems, like indeed, is that the employer has to go through many, many candidates, and then the employer tends to not quite know what he wants from a candidate. This leads to the employers wasting their time and then not even getting the best candidate that is out there.

The third problem they are solving is the problem of credibility and reputation online. The problem here is that online, and specifically one blockchain, there is no real way to give identity and credibility to someone. This is a big problem because if someone is applying for a job on the blockchain, there is no way to see their previous work, or that they are telling the truth will their credentials.

The DREAM Builder

No, this is not a really awesome superhero name, even though it should be. In reality, it is the name of the first product. The DREAM builder is like an online project manager. It helps you set the tasks that must be done for this project and it helps you find and recruit the people that are needed to do those tasks. This product is divided up into two different sections that work together to do the previously mentioned tasks.

The first is DREAM manager. DREAM manager is the basic portal where a freelancer can look at your project and see if it can fit them. The difference between typical job websites and the DREAM manager is that unlike the few paragraphs that summarize the project and say what they want in the candidate that would be on a normal website, DREAM manager has so much more.

It has a plethora of information regarding the given project, from the milestone to the team working on it to the goals of the project. This allows freelancers to fully understand the project they are going into.

This, in turn, helps the company, because they get people that know what they are getting into and are already informed about the project and what needs to be done.

The second part is DREAM AI. The DREAM AI is the part that that helps the employer. The AI looks at your project and goes out and finds qualified people to do the job. Then it gives those suggestions to the employer and the employer chooses from there.

This saves the employer a lot of time and helps find better candidates. These two work together, the manager being used by the freelancers to apply for jobs and the AI taking those applications and helping vet them.

This whole product, DREAM builder is made to solve the problems of one-to-one hiring that we were talking about in “the DREAM machine”

Getting a Reputation On Blockchain

The next product they are making solving a really big problem that people have been having since the beginning of the internet and even more so with the rising of blockchain and decentralization, identity and reputation. The product they are making is called DREAM reputation.

It will allow people to put their different certifications on the blockchain and then have the organization that gives them that certification, verify that that person did in-fact earn that certification. People will also be able to link different addresses, i.e ethereum, bitcoin, litecoin, to there identity on the blockchain.

This allows people to build up a real identity on the blockchain and gain trust through the entire community. This is applicable to DREAM because it gives credibility to candidates and allows the employers to fairly judge their candidates on their achievements, with full trust that they actually did those achievements.

A DREAMer’s Token

The final product they are making is a native token and an exchange for that token. This token is called the DREAM token and will have a few uses in The “DREAM Ecosystem”. The first use is that about twenty-five percent of the tokens will go to the advisors, founders or the core programming and development team.

This will motivate them to make the product better and that will, in turn, make the value of the token higher. The second function of the DREAM token is as a reward token. It can be used to reward contributions to the project, like promoting the platform on social media. The third and final purpose of the token is as a utility token.

It can be used to buy premium packages and premium placement on the platform. The exchange is really going to be like other exchanges. The only difference is that the only use for it is to use credit cards to buy DREAM token.  This lowers the barrier-to-entry to DREAM.

Are Their DREAM’s achievable?

DREAM is innovative in some ways but then extremely repetitive in others. They are very innovative in DREAM reputation because that is a real problem that people have been trying to solve for quite a while. They are very repetitive in the way that they are making their job market because it is very similar to other places like indeed. They will definitely solve the problem of identity, but their other goals have little hope. I think they will just be a normal job search website, maybe a little more modern.