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Dice Coin
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Dice Coin is a very simple design and very simple concept. With the popularity in dice casinos this is a new site that provides the simple dice roll game with straight forward rules.


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Overview is an online dice roll game which is played by bets placed in cryptocurrency.

By the looks of it, the whole interface of the game remains as simple as it can be. It does not rely on gaudy colors, over the top animations, or cluttered graphics for the sake of showing its existence as a game. Instead, it only focuses on providing what it promises, a virtual dice roll with straightforward rules.

The game is simple: the dice roll ranges from 0 to 9,999. Players place their bets, select their predicted range for the dice roll, and see their chance to win percentage along with the resultant payout before they roll the dice.

Originated in 2013, differs from other cryptocurrency based dice roll games in the sense that it does not provide players with the option to select between rolling lower or higher than the generated number for a win. In, the dice number which players roll has to be lower than the range they selected. Otherwise, they lose the game.

The site accepts three of the most widely used cryptocurrencies, which are Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Dogecoin (DOGE). Deposits and withdrawals can be made in any of these three cryptocurrencies.

The games offered through are provably fair, which means that players can rest assured that the game is not being manipulated by the site at all and remains random and neutral. The site has a dedicated page for players to verify this provably fair mechanism on it. has a 1% house edge, which means that the specific percentage gets deducted by the site before a payout is made to the respective players.

The site’s team remains contactable through email.


DicecoinOn visiting the site, an account automatically gets made for the player with a randomly generated username and password. The user can start playing the game as soon as they deposit their choice of cryptocurrency into their account.

The minimum bet is slated as 0.0000001 BTC, 0.00001 LTC, or 1 DOGE.

Since the objective of the game is to get a number lower than the selected range, the payout multiplier for the placed bet depends directly on the number range selected. The chance to win percentage also differs accordingly.

The lowest chance to win percentage and highest payout multiplier gets to be 0.1% with 990x, respectively; but that comes with a catch of happening only if the player’s number rolls below 10 (which has just a 1% chance of taking place).

Whereas, the highest chance to win percentage and lowest payout multiple is currently set at lower than 9,800, with a 98% chance to win and a payout multiplier of 1.0102x.

The rest of the chance to win percentages and the payout multipliers range between these predefined values.

Apart from usual bets, the game also provides its players with the option of placing automatic bets, through which players can define conditions to place repeated bets until they have lost or won a specific amount in cryptocurrency or have exhausted the specified number of automatic bets that they set.

The site also has a referral program, through which existing users can refer new players to play the game. The referrer then gets a cut of the new player’s bets, essentially making money just for bringing more people to the site (which is not that difficult if one knows the right people to refer the site to in the first place).

Depositing and Withdrawing

Deposits on are made by transferring the cryptocurrency of choice to the site’s wallet address which is uniquely generated for each client.

Players can also obtain free funds from the site’s Faucet, which can give them a trial run to get a feel for the game. By using the site’s Faucet, players can get 0.0000015 BTC, 0.00015 LTC, and 10 DOGE.

While there is no minimum deposit limit, the site does recommend that users set at least 0.0005 BTC, 0.002 LTC, or 1 DOGE as their own threshold for a minimum deposit. The site advises this because any transferred amount which is lower than these values gets to be termed as a zero-fee transaction on these networks, and such transactions can take some time to get processed.

On the other hand, the site does have a minimum withdrawal limit, which is set at 0.002 BTC, 0.2 LTC, or 10,000 DOGE. The site also has the stipulation that any withdrawn amount should not be less than 20% of a user’s account balance.

It is also specified by the site that while all withdrawals get processed within the same day and automatically, any withdrawal which is higher than 4 BTC, 400 LTC or 4 million DOGE, gets to be processed in 48 hours due to security verification.

The withdrawal fee is set at 0.0005 BTC, 0.002 LTC, or 1 DOGE.


Multiple cryptocurrencies accepted

No registration required

Has a faucet

Provably Fair

Instant deposit


No phone or live chat

No option to play custom game parameters

Bottom Line is a simple game with a simple objective, with just as simple guidelines to follow (you the get simple point right?). The site and the game itself is text-based, but that is the whole charm of it for the audience that it is trying to captivate. While fans of graphic-heavy games would not even give a second look, the ones who appreciate this gaming genre might just love the site.


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