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Cubomania Aiding Educators for Children

Cubomania is a new blockchain-based AI platform that is directed towards aiding educators in creating helpful and interactive learning programs for children.

The platform offers helpful and easy to use tools for educators to create interactive games that could instill knowledge into pre-school and primary school children without them having to resort to “boring” methods of learning.

Cubomania offers its blockchain based solutions through desktop as well as mobile iOS and Android apps, which allows educators to create and deliver solutions on native IoT devices without requiring any additional, special equipment.

Apart from these applications, Cubomania already has a pre-built, functioning toy that is also interactive and focuses on delivering solutions based around the aforementioned methods.

Cubomania also offers its own operating system by the name of CuboCore Robot Operating System, which lives up to its name and serves as the core to power any IoT device with a robot learning system with pre-built educational programs.

Through these different solutions, Cubomania aims to redefine the delivery of education as well as ensuring that any educator’s customized solutions do not get misused and that they get proper credit and compensation for the time they invested in developing these solutions.

All of this is possible through Cubomania’s blockchain-based interface, which carries tasks and transactions through smart contracts for these unique intellectuals to be treated with the attention that they deserve.

By leveraging blockchain technology, Cubomania integrates its interactive workshop with a global marketplace, where educators, parents and institutions can forage for apps created by proficient entities. The transactions which take place on this marketplace are powered by CUBOs, which are Cubomania’s native utility tokens.

Cubomania is currently holding the crowdsale of its CUBO tokens, where 51% of the total 1 billion CUBOs will be offered on sale. Out of the remaining CUBOs, 20% will be reserved for the company, 10% will be used for awards to early investors, 10% will go to the Cubomania team, whereas, 6% will be used in bounty including tokens with a toy.

Cubomania is accepting ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, and DASH during its initial coin offering (ICO), where 1 CUBO equals 0.00015 ETH.

About the Cubomania Team

Based in Ukraine, the Cubomania team has been making appearances throughout different events with the roster including names that come with noticeable experience according to their LinkedIn profiles.

The most notable part of it is the fact that the team already has a functional product which looks very interesting. However, it remains to be seen whether building customized solutions with the Cubomania apps proves to be as easy as the service team claims that it is.

The platform also defines its complete functionalities through its detailed whitepaper.

Bottom Line 

Overall, the Cubomania project seems very interesting and touches upon a segment which remains largely unexplored by the blockchain industry. That being said, interested individuals should do their due diligence before investing into the ICO.