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Get Your Free Byteballs!

I am going to keep this post as short and to the point as possible. If you do not know what the altcoin Byteball is, then I suggest you read more on their site here –>

If you are not a holder of Bitcoin as of yet (and don’t plan to be by August 7) then this post is also not relevant to you as the Byteballs are distributed to Bitcoin holders and Byteball holders only.

If you do not own a Trezor or have control of your private keys then you cannot claim your free Byteballs as well. If you buy a Trezor now you may just have enough time to get your free Byteballs.

Now that we have disqualified those who cannot get Byteballs here is what the rest of us need to do to get them:

Get your free Byteballs Step 1

First you need a wallet to hold your Byteballs in, think of it like a Bitcoin wallet. The easiest and only place I know how to get a Byteball wallet is on and click get Byteball wallet as per below:

get Byteball wallet homepage

You need to install the software so if you are worried that it may be malicious in nature, feel free to do it on a virtual computer.

Note if you want to learn more about Byteball you can download the white paper there as well.

Get your free Byteballs Step 2

Now you have the wallet installed you need to open the application and go to the chat tab at the bottom right. Here you will need to input your Byteball wallet address (which you can find if you click the receive tab) and paste it into the chat box. Once you have done that the bot will ask you to input your Bitcoin wallet address and ask you to sign a message. My one is below (for example only):

Byteball signature

Get your free Byteballs Step 3

Now you need to sign the message from the Byteball chat box in your Trezor. It is very easy to do. Just type in the message as per the chat bot and your wallet address and click ‘sign.’ This should look like the picture below in your Trezor:

Trezor signing

Once this is done you need to copy the signed message and post it in the Byteball chat box. It will respond with a confirmation that it has all worked or not.

If you are worried that the chatbot might have made a mistake you can check your Byteball wallet address is registered for the next airdrop at this website address:

It will even tell you how many Byteballs you will get. Once you know that number you can find the price on a site like and work out the USD or Bitcoin value of what you will get.

Points worth noting about Byteball from previous distributions

If like most people you know nothing about Byteball your first thought might be to sell them straight away and there is nothing wrong in doing that. However the price seems to always drop like crazy after the distribution and then recover over the following days.

At every airdrop current holders of Byteball also get 20% extra Byteballs for what they hold and there will be more airdrops to come. So it might be worth thinking about holding them for the next round (I am this time).

If you haven’t got a Trezor yet read my Trezor Review. Buying a Trezor will save the headache of trying to sign your Bitcoin address, give you security over your Bitcoins and it is ready for the potential bitcoin fork coming!