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Averages $53.3k/month

Founded in 2015

3 Founders

Updated Mar/17

As of 2018 has been put up for sale and the site is currently not up.

When did you first get into Bitcoin? Can you give some details?

Our first contact with Bitcoin was in 2011. In 2013 we started a Bitcoin reselling service, but after a month we suspended our activities because we had some issues with regulations regarding Bitcoin.

Where did the inspiration to create Rollin come from?

We first had the idea to start a Bitcoin lottery, after some research we found a couple of Bitcoin dice sites which were very easy to access and we loved the combination of privacy, playing anonymously and nearly instant deposits and withdrawals. Those dice sites were a bit complicated after seeing it the first time, ~1 year later we launched

How does Rollin make money? What are the numbers?

Rollin earns money from our house edge. The house edge is between 1% and 0.8%, based on your level at our site.
Our average monthly wagered is approximately 6,000 Bitcoins. The last 6 months of income is below:

What was the process of turning the idea of the site into reality?

We were very passionate to start our own bitcoin dice game after seeing other bitcoin dice sites, our goal was to make a dice game which would be simple to understand and of course fun to play. After 4 months of development we could finally beta launch Rollin.

What was the greatest challenge you faced?

Keeping Rollin secure and prevent/fight DDoS attacks.

What are the critical components of running the site?

The critical components to running the site include:

  1. Offering a provably fair system, so our players can verify their bets on fairness.
  2. Keeping most part of our bankroll secure by cold storage

What are your future goals for Rollin?

We are working on a new site, which will beta launch somewhere in April. It will support other cryptocurrencies and games.

If you were to start the site again today what would you do differently? Why?

Add support for other crypto-currencies and developing Rollin in node.

What were the biggest factors in your success? What were the things you did right?

Listening to our community/players and offering a good service to our customers.

What’s your advice to someone who wants to start a similar business?

Find trustworthy partners and keeping your site secure should be your main focus.