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Averages $7.3k/month

Founded in Oct/2016

2 Founders, 4 Employees

Updated Mar/17

KingDice is a relatively new and well designed Bitcoin Dice site. It is one that I am personally invested in the bankroll and as of writing this have made over 30% return on my Bitcoin investment to date!

When did you first get into Bitcoin? Can you give some details?

We first got into Bitcoin in 2014, when it started to gain more and more attention. It was the year that it started to grow a lot, plus bitcoin gaming sites were already there. We really liked the idea of decentralized money, and its benefits for anonymity and transparency.

Where did the inspiration to create KingDice come from?

Well…”Bitcoin Dice” was everywhere in the market, but we could not see any *real* dice in their sites (if you have played Bitcoin Dice you will know that normally a bunch of numbers move across the screen instead of actual dice). So we kind of innovated, by combining the dice game with real physical dice for the very first time in the industry. Alongside that, we tried our very best to create a pretty modern Layout/Interface for our users.

How does KingDice make money? What are the numbers?

We have not been in operation for over 6 months so we are in the growth phase of our business. In total since launching we have made a profit over approximately 23 Bitcoins. See the last 5 months in the chart below:

Note: I have averaged the last 3 months profit at the start where I say it is currently averaging $3.3k/month.

What was the process of turning the idea of the site into reality?

We were very excited when we started the whole project. It was for sure not easy, but it was really worth it. We had to gather the team, a lot of meetings to create and approve the Interface, to code it and then test it. Bugs are always popping up with a new project like this but we are constantly doing our best to make them vanish! After the designing was done, then the integration between front end and back-end was next. Finally, speed and security enhancement, testing it all again, and then the release!

What was the greatest challenge you faced?

The greatest challenge that we faced (and are currently facing) is to get more people to learn about KingDice. People say that “getting started is always hard” and we agree  🙂

What are your future goals for KingDice?

Our future goals are to make KingDice a real KING in the Bitcoin Dice market. These essentially means growing our crowd funded bankroll, having a great community and that site that players truly enjoy! We believe we are well on our way already 😉

If you were to start the site again today what would you do differently? Why?

Well, maybe we would have organised things better, so that the first couple of months would be more steady and smooth. Another thing, is that we would be a little bit more patient in terms of waiting for results. It takes time to build an empire 🙂

What’s your advice to someone who wants to start a similar business?

You need to either enjoy the gambling space, or at least know a bit about it or it will be a headache to run. Don’t expect to rank well or see results really quickly. Be careful of the people you deal with in the Bitcoin space – so make sure you pay people after they deliver something for you not before as lots of people have been scammed.

We believe that KingDice is worth our time and effort, and we love what we do. That, along with the knowledge, are the most important things in my opinion.

What were the biggest factors in your success to date? What were the things you did right?

We believe that KingDice is worth our time and effort, and we love what we do and as such we have worked really hard on creating a great product. That, along with the knowledge, are the most important things in my opinion.

What is your advice for someone considering getting into a similar business?

Love what you do, do it with passion, and you will most likely succeed!

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