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Earn Bitcoins Directory

Averages $300/month

Founded in Sep/2015

4 Founders

Updated Apr/17

Earn Bitcoins Directory is a website where you can list and promote your Bitcoin site for free. It also has a Bitcoin store where you can buy Bitcoin merchandise. This interview has been conducted with Leon who is the Directory & Social Media Manager. What I find really cool about this site is that you don’t have to be programmer to do it and many people could start making Bitcoins doing a similar project.

When did you first get into Bitcoin? Can you give some details?

I first encountered Bitcoins back in 2015 when I read a news article about how people were making money through trading Bitcoins. It fascinated me as it was something I had never thought of, and the idea of ‘online currency’ was very appealing – especially because I often move from country to country.

Where did the inspiration to create Earn Bitcoins come from?

As a newcomer to the community, I searched for a directory where all websites where I could ‘learn’ and ‘earn’ Bitcoins would be present. There were some directories available but it was really just not maintained enough – a lot of websites listed on the directories were either unavailable or scam websites. This is when I figured out that I should probably make a directory on my own!

How does Earn Bitcoins Directory make money? What are the numbers?

Our profit on average is around $300 per month. We do have products such as ‘VIP feature’, ‘ad space’, and other fashion products available but ultimately, we are using all of our profit to grow the site. We use all the funds in advertising the directory which in return gives more exposure of the websites listed on our directory. We are constantly advertised on a-ads, mellowads, various Bitcoin directories, and the Bitcoin Talk forum.

The apparel shop is a cool idea – Any plans to expand the items for sale? Is it a drop ship business setup?

We have our own manufacturers (drop shipping) based in the Unites States. We are currently in a testing phase whereby we are deciding what works and what doesn’t. We are planning on creating our own separate brand for the apparel store.

How big is your team? What do they do and what are their backgrounds?

1. Leon (Directory & Social Media Manager) – which is me.

2. Jongy (Blog Manager) – has written various content for Bitcoin & Altcoin related blogs including CCN and AllCryptocoins. He is volunteering his time at Earn Bitcoins directory blog as he likes the idea of the directory.

3. Daniel (Shop Manager / Sales Representative) – Full-time employee at Poloniex exchange & volunteering his time at Earn Bitcoins directory.

4. Linda (Support Staff) – U.K. based crypto-currency expert, Bitcoin start-up consultant, volunteer at Earn Bitcoins Directory support.

What was the process of turning the idea of the site into reality?

I gathered the volunteers through the Bitcoin Talk forum – created a thread about my idea and advertised it to gather team members. Once we had the team, I proceeded with the website – hosting & domain on GoDaddy. Everything was made from scratch from our logo to our Bitcoin HODL snapbacks.

What was the greatest challenge you faced?

Our fashion products are manufactured in the U.S and we have our own manufacturer. The biggest challenge was when we were hugely scammed by our previous manufacturer and we had to renew our hosting plans for the website.

We had a bulk order (about 100 hats) from a customer but our previous manufacturer failed to deliver the products. Their website was closed and phones were left unanswered. We had to compensate the customer (at my own expense) and look for a new reliable manufacturer.

What are the critical components to running Earn Bitcoins?

We do sell products and we do have customers – which means we NEED to guarantee our product quality and promise a great SUPPORT system.

Critical components would be:
1) Regularly checking submitted websites (deleting inactive websites & scam reported websites).

2) Regularly re-stocking the fashion products (our hats get sold out pretty quickly and it is not easy to have it re-stocked, especially when all of us are part-time volunteers for this directory).

3) Regularly updating social media pages.

If someone wants to advertise on your site what should they do?

Website owners may submit their website links and purchase the ‘VIP feature’ which allows their website to stay on top of all the lists. This VIP feature results in attracting 3 times more visitors to their website(s).

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