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Averages $400/month

Founded in 2016

2 Founders

Updated Mar/17

Crypto-News is a great site for all the latest information with about crypto-currencies. It is created and managed by the same founders from Crypto-Games.

When did you first get into Bitcoin? Can you give some details?

Initially, me and my partner were spending some time in a bar, when suddenly a discussion about Bitcoin came about. It seemed interesting, but we quickly forgot about this. Then two years later we came back to this topic. This time we were thinking about starting a business. We failed in our first idea, which was to create a hyper-profitable automatic mining pool that would help people increase the income that comes from their computers. Our second idea was to create a gaming platform, where people can use Dogecoin to play slots. This idea later evolved into what is today known as Crypto-Games.

Where did the inspiration to create Crypto-News come from?

Our endeavor with Crypto-Games, led us to be more and more interested in Bitcoin every day. We perceived a lack in the news space for Bitcoin and Blockchain-based technology. This perception allowed us to step up and do something about it. We had the finance, we were aware of a problem, and we believe that we can provide the solution. There was nothing to stop us from starting this second venture, and to be honest we were not looking for a reason to stop.

How does Crypto News make money? What are the numbers?

It’s quite simple. People interested in crypto-currency and related technology are constantly looking for news. The increase of business activities in this ecosystem produces companies that offer products and services in exchange for some crypto-currency, usually Bitcoin. These companies are competing for attention and one of the ways they do this is through promotional activities.

Our website offers these companies ad space and access to our audience, which are specifically crypto-interested people. This attention that we are getting from our audience is valuable to the companies in the ecosystem. By having their ads placed on our website they can successfully promote themselves to a highly interested and engaged audience. We take safety seriously at Crypto-news, so we make sure to audit anyone interested in advertising on our website space. We test their products and services before allowing the ads to be placed. Though not error-free, this process helps us evaluate relevancy in advertisements and we have yet to have any incident with a fraudulent offer being advertised on our website.

The last six months of profit is below:

How big is your team? What do they do and what are their backgrounds?

Besides me and my business partner, we have plenty of other content creators for our news platform. Most of them have been in the crypto ecosystem for about four years on average. We have different kinds of writers including, journalists, bloggers, traders, and educators. Our platform requires this kind of flexibility from us, as there are many different ideas and pieces of information that any individual needs to understand about crypto-currency. This understanding will help them draw useful conclusions from the news articles or other informational pieces.

What was the greatest challenge you faced?

With the scarcity of such information in the ecosystem, finding relevant, interesting stories and reporting them first is always going to be the biggest challenge of the industry. There is always a new lead, there is always another event where a decision is being made. The trick is knowing where these events happen and having a person attending the event, ready to report any significant outcome of such event. Having that person at the event is another big challenge.

What are your future goals for Crypto-News?

We understand that the news industry is a competitive marketplace, just like any other. Every provider out there is competing to bring the latest, most interesting story to the forefront and be first at it. It’s a race for information and publishing. Our goals for the future is to fight for the recognition of our platform as a relevant, truthful, and authoritative source of information about the ecosystem. Winning the race requires preparation and readiness. We are prepared to witness, organize and publish the future events in the world of crypto-currency.

If you were to start the site again today what would you do differently? Why?

We would only start the website as soon as possible. Unfortunately undertaking this business venture at any time other than when we started was practically impossible. The reason for this is the fact that today we would have so much additional experience with journalism which would have helped us produce higher quality news articles. Regardless, this outcome is inevitable as we are determined to follow this website through and create something that will continue to provide valuable information.

What’s your advice to someone who wants to start a similar business?

Starting from scratch is always difficult. You need to provide a high quality service or product, but most importantly you need to provide a high quality customer experience. Managing the reputation and recognition of a news brand is not the easiest task in the world. You need to build yourself from the ground up as an informational authority and the way you do this is by earning the trust from your audience. This means showing up every day and providing useful, high quality information to the readers.

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