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Averages $54.3k/month

Founded in 2014

2 Founders, 7 Moderators

Updated Mar/17

Crypto-Games offers six uniquely made casino games across nine different crypto-currencies. The site also offers a bankroll invest option which currently holds approximately 2,000 Bitcoins (equivalent total across all currencies) of crowdfunded money and has paid investors over 500 Bitcoins in profit! The site is close to my heart as I have personally made approximately 4 Bitcoins there, from investing in the site and through affiliate income.

When did you first get into Bitcoin? Can you give some details?

Me and a friend of mine heard about Bitcoin back in 2011. We both found it interesting, since you could start making money by sharing your computer’s processing power across the network. While interesting, we quickly forgot about Bitcoin, untill 2013, when we invested into Bitcoin and traded it for Litecoin. This investment turned out great, as prices skyrocketed across the board, so we started the discussion of creating a Bitcoin-based business. Our first idea was to make a mining pool that automatically mines the most profitable coin, but after working on it for a while we decided to drop it and find a different idea. The reason was the immense competition that had already existed, and we felt that we couldn’t really compete effectively. After a short period of time, my friend came up with the idea of creating a gambling platform. Talking about it, we felt it was possible and we both liked it, so we became business partners.

Where did the inspiration to create Crypto-Games come from?

We were already looking at what others were doing, and same like before there was a lot of competition, but this time we felt more confident in our ability to compete against the others. We felt that we could create a better place for gambling and inspire customers to come to us by offering something different than everybody else. Most of the competition was running dice games, so we went in the other direction and created a website where you could play slots with Dogecoin. Over the following few months, our idea expanded to a platform that accepts more than one crypto currency and offers a wide variety of games. It felt only natural to call our platform Crypto Games.

How does Crypto-Games make money? What are the numbers?

There are two main ways that our platform makes money. The first is the house edge, which the small advantage our platform has against the players. In the long run we always make money, but sometimes we lose money in the short-term. The second way we make money is by allowing any user to invest into our bankroll. We share 70% of the profits and losses with the investors, while the 30% that remain we take as a commission. You can check the plot below which covers the last 5 months of profit. This is also available on our website, presented as live data.

How big is your team? What do they do and what are their backgrounds?

Currently we have a small team that consists of nine people. Joter85 is the lead developer that created the platform, while Kewl is leading the charge with the marketing side of business. Apart from the founders, there are seven moderators which help with the operational aspects. These moderators are: Lutpin, Demigod, Hohen, Rose, S0lidus, Accountant and Twistedx2.

What was the process of turning the idea of the site into reality?

It started out slow, but through a constant effort being put into the idea every day, we reached this success we feel today. Along the way we hit many different roadblock, but we also achieved our milestones, to add new games, to accept new currencies, and to improve our brand.

What was the greatest challenge you faced?

Since we are not alone, both of us had very different challenges along the way. Joter85’s greatest challenge was to find a way to compile incredible amounts of data. Currently there have been over 1 billion individual bets made on our platform, so you can imagine just how much data there really is. Another challenge was to defend website against ddos attacks. As for me, the greatest challenge was to bring new players to the platform. Competition is tough, but through clever marketing and appealing offers, we bring in more and more players every day. The innovative process never ends, as we need to stay on top of our game if we are going to become the brand that we want to be.

What are your future goals for Crypto-Games?

We want to focus on the community aspects of our website, to bring in new players, add more games, and eventually completely redesign the website. Like we said before, we are constantly innovating new solutions and features, so once we have enough new things, we will definitely change our design around these new concepts.

If you were to start the site again today what would you do differently? Why?

Interesting question! We would start at least six months sooner than we did. This time, instead of Slots, we would start with the Dice game. The reason for this is simply because now we know that people really love the dice game. It was a creation that came from the crypto-currency ecosystem and it seems to have touched the hearts of many.

What’s your advice to someone who wants to start a similar business?

There are many challenges that you will have to face, and the amount of problems available when running a business is limitless. Make it crystal clear in your mind of what success is for you, and prioritize solving problems that have the largest impact on your reality and ability to get where you want to be. Excuses will only bring you down and doubt is exactly the same. Believe in yourself, in your idea, and work hard until you see yourself having achieved your vision.

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