News featured image with logo and screenshot of the site – Aiming to Become a Name Brand in Gambling


Bonkers is gambling a new initial coin offering in an attempt to become an intercontinental brand worth billions.Their goal is to become a worldwide company that is a name brand that everyone knows for decentralized gambling. These are some really lofty goals so here is how they plan to do it.They will have seven focuses, so they can make sure not to waste time on inconsequential things.

Although they have seven areas of focus to become that decentralized gambling name brand, these areas of focus can be broken up into two categories. The first category is customer acquisition and loyalty, referring to the process by which Bonkers will get customers and how they will keep them. The second category is technology, which involves the nuts and bolts of how the actual products will run.

Specified Marketing

First, let’s dive into specified marketing. Bonkers wants to market to specific places and people so that they can make their marketing as effective as possible and spend the least amount of money possible.

Just as you wouldn’t market a new cut of beef to a bunch of vegans, Bonkers isn’t marketing its product to say, conservatives who hate gambling. That would be ineffective.

Instead, Bonkers is targeting people and communities who will like or have liked blockchain or gambling.They would put their advertisements on certain reddit or forum communities that are focused on gambling or blockchain.Anyone that is on those advertisements would also be interested in gambling or blockchain.

Affiliate Programs

Next, Bonkers will create a strong affiliate program. to build customer loyalty with the affiliates and acquire new customers. They will accomplish this by allowing people who are established on the platform to become an affiliate and get paid to promote the bonkers brand on social media and in real life.

VIP Program For Customers

Bonkers will also have a VIP program that is more than just a name; instead, these VIPs will be treated differently. They’ll be treated with appreciation from Bonkers and made to feel special. These VIPs will be given reservations in fancy hotels and invitations to fancy dinners.

Bonkers wants these VIPs to have really good memories watermarked with the Bonkers brand. This will inspire the VIPs to go out and talk about Bonkers, leading to their final customer acquisition process: A random rewards program, an out of the blue rewards program that will surprise customers and keep them always hopeful and coming back to Bonkers on the chance that they will receive a random reward.

These rewards are more than the typical dollar or two coupons. No, waking up one day, opening your computer, and seeing that you have won a trip to Disney for you and your entire family. Bonkers hopes that these rewards will build customer loyalty and customers who talk about Bonkers to their friends.

Technology Goals

Along with customer acquisition goals, Bonkers has technology goals to assist them in making those customer acquisition goals come to life. They are creating an in-house system, so they do not have to rely on a third-party application or service to run their games or betting.

This way, they own all of the technology that they are using. This allows them to develop that technology and to be flexible in how they use it.

Decentralized Architecture

They will also have a decentralized architecture, meaning the have libraries running in multiple different places and programs. They don’t want to rely on one big company, such as Facebook or Google. Instead, they will rely on both Facebook, Google and themselves.

They admit that they will have to rely on those public libraries in the beginning but they want to get out of that as fast as possible. To accomplish this, they are committing to one computer program that they can grow with, making their products more streamlined.

Unique Product

All of this really does not matter if you don’t have any good products, and they have products that are unlike any currently available in the online gambling space.

They have a focus on a good and easy to understand user interface and user experience, so it will appeal to everyone, not just techies.

They will have slot machines, which will be very colorful and have lots of noises to make it more fun and more like a real-life casino.

They will also offer sports betting because Bonkers recognizes how fun and exciting it is to not only support your team but to also make money off of proving someone else wrong like you do when you sports bet against a friend.

Have you ever said to a friend “I bet that this team will win the super bowl” and then they did not think so, so you made a bet?If you win, then it feels awesome.This is what bonkers is trying to capitalize on.

The final and main feature of their platform will be a live casino.They will have actual dealers in studios all over the world running the games. They will offer blackjack, poker, and even roulette. Their goal is to make this not just gambling but also a social place. They really want it to become a community who all gamble, spread Bonkers brand, and spend money together.

Bonkers Token

The entire casino will be run on the BNKR token. It is an Ethereum network based token native to the bonkers platform. The first benefit of this platform is revenue.

The owners of this coin will split 50% of all of the revenue bonkers make. Users can also get more revenue if they refer people. Users get up to 50% of the revenue that is generated by the people they refer, and they are paid in the BNKR token.

Another use of the coin is for voting in community votes. Users will get a vote proportional to how much of the token you have, and they will be able to vote on things, such as adding new games or changing a game.

The third use of the token is that users will be entered into a lottery where they could win a really big jackpot, an exclusive opportunity open only to the owners of the token. This would give immediate value and use to the token.

The final use of the BNKR token is that it will be what is used on the Bonkers gambling platform. They plan to eventually have an in-house exchange, so users can deposit bitcoin or Ethereum and be able to play those games and bets.

BNKR is how users will receive most of the rewards. For example, if a user wins at roulette, he or she would be paid in BKNR. They will give out other rewards for special occasions, such as if a user wins the BKNR lottery or get a specific combo of slots.


The Bonkers team has a lot of confidence in themselves and thinks that they can actually crush the competition with their expertise and passion. Judging on their timeline, which they are a bit behind on, and how little information was on their white paper, I think they have quite a bit of work to do to achieve their quite lofty goals.If they can achieve them then they will hit the jackpot of online gambling.Pun intended.