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Bitcoin Millionaire Monthly Profit Report June 2018

$610,676 – Last Month


$592,351 – This Month


-$18,325 – Change


Much of the same in June, being a continuation of the 2018 trend so far – prices going down. Bitcoin was down 14.7% for the month and my total balance was down 3% (as most of the holdings are in dollars). My new balance of $592,296 is the lowest the balance has been since December 2017, but still a massive increase from the starting balance of 32,190 in April 2017.

In June a lot more interviews and ICO news was added to the site. The money token ICO I got in on early has sent out the tokens but is yet to be listed on an exchange, meaning I have no idea what the 0.2Bitcoins I put into it are worth right now.

June Earnings

The total loss of $18,325 in the month of June really came from two areas; the Bitcoin price drop, and value of Steem dropping a lot. Like always when Bitcoin crashes so do all the altcoins, basically no way around it.

BTC Investments:

The gambling investments in bankrolls (not the ICO investments) continue to grow at around 1% a month on average. This is much slower than historical numbers which is mostly due to the size of the bankrolls being so big now that my share is very small and the gambling volume is not there to justify such big bankrolls. If I could find a new site with a small bankroll that is popular then the returns would be much bigger.

BetKing bought back tokens this month and I sold 10% of my BetKing tokens in the buyback. I used the Bitcoin from the buyback to buy more Etheroll tokens and Clam tokens (for the Just-dice bankroll).

Steem continues to drop but with the voting bots (by delegating Steem to them) I use there I seem to grow my Steem balance by a bit over 2% a month. So in a way it is like investing in the gambling site bankrolls and if Steem goes up a lot there is also the compounding effect of the Steem returns every month.

What’s next?

If Bitcoin continues to drop I may start buying some more with my cash balance. I will start looking for new gambling investment sites too as the current ones have bankrolls that are too big to justify the amount that is being wagered.

Bitdice will be paying out dividends this coming month after the snapshot occurred on the 30th of June. Looks like the casino made about ¾ million dollars for the quarter, which is a solid result! I have been buying more of their tokens as the price dropped so this is looking like an exciting long term investment!