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Bitcoin Millionaire Monthly Profit Report April 2018

$606,315 – Last Month


$644,239 – This Month


$37,919 –


Big changes to the site this month with a completely new design and features added! It is still a work in progress but a lot of the hard yards have been completed. The idea with the new design and added features was primarily to add resources that I usually visit other sites for.

These changes include:

  • A Crypto-market cap list with graphs and information that I usually visit for.
  • A consolidation of Bitcoin Resources that people regularly visit on this site.
  • A consolidated Bitcoin Gambling Review section. Although it wasn’t the main idea behind the site it is heavily visited by users.
  • A Buy Bitcoins page so users can buy Bitcoins with credit card and other places.
  • Interviews page has been cleaned up and I will eventually split between ICO interviews and up and running businesses.
  • The news page and blog page have been split, so people can see what is the investing journal and general crypto news.
  • The news page will include press releases as I have been getting lots of requests to post paid content (mostly for ICO’s).
  • A lot of cool charts and tools have been added that I like to use on other sites.
  • The ability to list ICO’s and their key information is still currently a draft (you cannot see it) but will be published this month.
  • All my profit reports are still on the site but just not the main feature of it. The idea that when the site hits the $1 Million (gotta have some confidence here!), then the main focus will change from that journey to sharing useful information.

I completely underestimated how long it was going to take, but I am very happy with how it is starting to look and feel.

Now back to the profit report for April 2018…

April Earnings

Balance is up $37,919 this month to a total of $644,239. Still down from the all time high of $713,859 but considering how much lower Bitcoin is from it’s all time high that is a good result. This month I added a few more interviews, got a few new writers for the site, added to some of my crypto holdings and converted some dollars back into Bitcoins. It was a busy month!

The monthly gain came mostly from the Bitcoin and Steem price going up. In time I will write a new article on Steem as the price of Steem is not the only way you I have been making money there (so a historical price comparison between Steem and Bitcoin is not an apples to apples comparison). On average for the last 3 months I have been making about an extra 3% a month on my Steem balance by delegation my Steem power (don’t worry if that sounds like Chinese, I will explain it better in a future post).

Website Earnings:

In total the website earnings were 0 BTC ($0) for the month of April as I spent everything that came in on this new site design. Obviously this trend will not continue in the months ahead and hopefully the investment in the new design and features adds additional income. And if it doesn’t, at least I get to use all my own tools on this site 🙂

BTC Investments:

The investments were basically all of my balance gains this month at $37,919 with most of that coming from Steem (adding $27,162). With the continued issues of social media platforms, I still believe Steem has a good shot at taking normal media. In fact in May it should surpass 1 million active users!

I converted $14,830 back into Bitcoin during the month at an average price of $7,745. As the price is now $9,000, about $2,400 was made from that move.

I continued to add to my Etheroll, Binance, and BitDice balance during the month (with the new Bitcoins I converted from my US dollar balance). Although Etheroll and Binance went up in price BitDice did not, so the gains from this were minimal.

BitDice dropped a lot this month as their income report for the last quarter was abysmal compared to the first quarter of earnings. I suspect this casino will do well in the future and measuring it’s success quarter by quarter is a recipe for disaster.

What’s next?

I am sure there will be some bugs to fix on the new design and hopefully the ICO function is finalized by the end of May! I have shut down the faucet indefinitely as the google ban on faucet advertisements and pain in the ass running a faucet doesn’t make it worth the time.

I will hopefully add more ICO investments and I have been joining more ICO bounty programs. As such there will be a lot more news releases on ICO’s like Smoke, MoneyToken and Bitlumens.

Lastly I am always looking for more writers, so if you want to write for this site or another one run by BTCM Ltd get in contact 🙂