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Bitcoin Millionaire Monthly Profit November 2017

$300,048 – Last Month


$419,996 – This Month


$119,953 – Change


November was yet another big month in terms of the increase in price of Bitcoin and my account balance on a USD basis. Like last month some of my ICO investments have increased a lot on a USD basis but have not performed well on a Bitcoin basis. As such my total Bitcoin balance was down 3.308 BTC but my total balance was up to $419,996. From starting the site in April 2017 I never thought the balance would jump from $32,190 in April to where it is today – but this is Bitcoin!!

This month I added another ICO interview covering the VIABET ICO. I may create a new page to showcase ICO’s and get a timeline for when they are starting in the future. Although I think most are very scary to invest in there is the occasional gem and there is so many of them happening at the moment.

November earnings

The total gain of $119,953 in the month of November came from three areas:

  • Website earnings through banner advertisements and affiliate income.
  • Bitcoin investments in Bitcoin gambling site bankrolls, gambling site ICO’s and Steem.
  • Increase in the price of my Bitcoin balance.

Website Earnings:

In total the website earnings was 0.737 BTC ($7,022) for the month of December. Like last month the total revenue came from Bitcoin Gambling ReviewsTop BTC Casinos, Claim BTCs and from some bounties for ICO’s. This was slightly down from last month but it is never a smooth change from month to month.

Bitcoin Investments:

In total I lost 4.045 BTC (-$38,537) from investing in Bitcoin gambling bankrolls, ICO’s, and Steem. Although this seems like a lot, it is mostly coming from the market price of the BetKing and BitDice token prices. I am still very bullish on both of these tokens, as BitDice has made 49 BTC in profit since the token launched (which will be shared as dividends each quarter) and BetKing is locked into the fiat price plus the income the site earns, which is currently 3.2 cents for each Betking token or 3.45% from launch. I will likley continue to accumulate more of these tokens and if there is a drop in the BTC price my Bitcoin balance will likely jump up significantly.

Bitcoin price appreciation

Bitcoin in a roller coaster going upBitcoin went up again significantly which added $151,468 worth of value to my total balance. It is crazy to watch but this is where all my earnings came from for the last 2 months. And like always I have no idea where it will go next!

Twitter has some some great banter and commentary that is worth getting on board to read if you want to get the latest community information around the BTC price and other areas. Some of it is rubbish, a lot of it is attacking people that can harm the community but overall it is really positive.

What’s next in December?

Very little. As so much of my balance increase is coming from the rise in value of Bitcoin I will likely do very little. Aside from turning some BTC in cash to put on the sidelines, December will likely be much of the same.

As always if you want your business listed on this site and/or you want to advertise on Bitcoin Millionaire please get in touch 🙂