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Bitcoin Millionaire Monthly Profit June 2017

$88,224 – Last Month


$102,659 – This Month


$14,435 – Change


Wow, three months in and we are already into the six figures with Bitcoin. With An increase of $14,435 for the month of June the balance has grown from $88,224 last month to $102,659 as of today. I managed to add 2.011 BTC my total holdings bringing the balance up to 41.031 BTC as of today.

Bitcoin interview added

In the month of June I added one interview with the founder of BetKing. In terms of profit the founder Dean is miles ahead of anyone I have interviewed to date with his site having made millions before he took it down to make it something even bigger! What makes this interview so relevant is that he will be doing an ICO (initial coin offering) for potential investors who are interested in the new launch of BetKing – something that I will be watching closely.

BetKing Interview featured image with logo

 BetKing – The founder Dean shares details of BetKing before he took it offline in late 2016, and explains his vision for the future of BetKing in the upcoming ICO.

Bitcoin blog post

This month I participated in two altcoin ‘airdrops’ – Byteball and Stellar Lumens. If you have never heard of an airdrop before, you are not alone. This month I was told Byteball an altcoin  as of today worth a few hundred million (in terms of market cap), was going to give away free Byteballs for any Bitcoin holders.

I was pretty skeptical and decided not to write about it before trying it out.  I followed the instructions to claim the Byteballs and sure enough I was given them based on how many Bitcoins I linked to my Byteball account. Once I got the Byteballs I instantly sold most of them for Bitcoins and made 0.386 Bitcoins. I was blown away how easy it was to do!

Logo written in text

So later in the month another altcoin Stellar Lumens was doing another airdrop based on the same principle as Byteball. That was, they would distribute Lumens for any Bitcoin holders. This time I wrote about it before it happened in the blog post here – Get yourself a stellar piece of the Lumens pie.

New Bitcoin site launched

sloth logo for claimbtcsOn the Making Bitcoins page I have listed Bitcoin faucet sites that pay users fractions of a Bitcoin for doing small tasks. These sites are able to pay users Bitcoins by having advertisement sponsors on them. The problem I found with listing Bitcoin faucet sites is that there are so many and they shut down regularly as most do not make any money (since google disallowed Bitcoin faucets from displaying google ads).

So I decided to build one this month and to date it has been going rather smoothly. You can check the Bitcoin faucet out by clicking the sloth logo.

June earnings

The total gain of $14,435 in the month of June came from four areas:

Website Earnings:

In total the website earnings was 0.558 BTC ($1,397) for the month of June. This was a poor month in terms of profit from website earnings, however I had some startup costs building the faucet which are a one off item.

The total revenue from affiliate income and banner sales was 1.013 BTC ($2,535).  In this month the affiliate income was rather low and the banner advertisement sales were all sold so hopefully this will increase in July when the banner spots become available again.

The combined expenses for all sites was 0.455 BTC ($1,138), which included the writer costs and the developer who helped build the Bitcoin faucet.

Bitcoin Investments:

In total I made 0.657 BTC ($1,644) from investing in 4 different Bitcoin gambling bankrolls, Steem (social media cryptocurrency)  and Poloniex (lending Bitcoins). That 0.657 BTC was made on a total investment of 28.678 BTC giving a Bitcoin investment return of 2.29%. Currently I do not have much invested in any sites as I am waiting for the next Byteball airdrop and Poloniex has been a bit sketchy. So as of today I have 10.956 BTC invested as per below:

  • KingDice: 1.265 BTC
  • YoloDice: 3.161 BTC
  • SafeDice: 2.831 BTC
  • Steem: 3.664 BTC (worth of Steem)
  • Poloniex: 0.035 BTC

June plot of investment returns

In June there was a hardfork in the Steem code which gave users a massive boost in terms of how much they get paid to upvote content. At the same time I came to realize that Steem changed the inflation in an earlier fork from 100% a year to just 9.5% a year with it decreasing year on year.

As I have stated earlier Steem is something that is pretty exciting and growing very fast. Since I joined nearly two months ago the amount of users has grown from 146,942 (which was my account number) to 235,142 as of today. It is very early stages to see if it becomes something successful or not, but I decided to put another 2 BTC in plus the 0.386 BTC from the Byteball sale.

The gambling bankroll investments were mediocre this month, with Crypto-Games and SafeDice the only ones that were in the positive. However, with gambling investments it is purely a numbers game; there is a house edge and given enough time, the house always wins.


Turns out that airdrops are very profitable, if you are eligible for them. In total from the Stellar Lumens and Byteball airdrop I made 0.782 BTC ($1,957) for literally doing nothing but proving I own Bitcoins. The next Byteball airdrop is scheduled for the 9th of July so if you are a Bitcoin holder I highly recommend you join this airdrop. The full details can be found on their site here.

Rise in Bitcoin price

Bitcoin in a roller coaster going upLike previous months the largest growth in the USD value of my Bitcoin holdings has come from the rise in price of Bitcoin. In June the rise in price of Bitcoin was 10.66% and the increase of my Bitcoin balance was only 5.15%.

Obviously this continuous monthly growth of Bitcoin until I reach $1 Million worth is highly unlikely to continue. In just 3 months my balance has gone from $32,190 to $102,659. If that growth rate continued the $102,659 would be worth over $1 Million in 9 months…

What’s next in July?

The big item for Bitcoin in July is the potential activation of SegWit, which I will not go into detail on. However if SegWit activates smoothly and the Bitcoin transaction costs decrease, we could see another bullish month for Bitcoin! Let’s wait and see 🙂

In July I want to try a Poloniex lending bot out to see how it compares to manually lending coins out. Once I test it out I will write about the experience and see what is the better option; manual lending or using a bot.

Lastly the next Byteball airdrop is on the 9th of July which I will be linking as many Bitcoins to as possible and you should do the same too!