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Bitcoin Millionaire Monthly Profit July 2017

$102,659 – Last Month


$116,284 – This Month


$13,626 – Change


Welcome to the income report for July! I slightly delayed posting this as like everyone in the community I have been watching the Bitcoin fork on August 1st, and although it won’t be reported in the July numbers, it will likely have a big positive effect on the August report!

The month of July we again saw Bitcoin increase in value which was the largest part of growth to my balance. With An increase of $13,626 for the month of July the balance has grown from $102,659 last month to $116,284 as of today. I managed to add 0.514 BTC to my total holdings bringing the balance up to 41.545 BTC as of today.

Bitcoin interview added

In the month of June I added one interview with the BitDice Casino. In terms of profit the site is making $236k/month and it is currently launching an ICO. So definitely worth checking out the interview if you are a potential investor.

BitDice Casino Interview Featured image with logo

Bitcoin blog post

This month I wrote one post about the upcoming Byteball airdrop which you absolutely should do (claiming free Byteballs if you are a Bitcoin holder). This post specifically tells you exactly how to claim your Byteballs using a Trezor. Free money is free money and as soon as you get it you can dump it, hold it or use it. There will be more Byteball airdrops to come (likely 3-4), so make sure you join the party.

Bitcoin Faucet site first month of operation

sloth logo for claimbtcsJust to give you a quick introduction again; On the Making Bitcoins page I have listed Bitcoin faucet sites that pay users fractions of a Bitcoin for doing small tasks. These sites are able to pay users Bitcoins by having advertisement sponsors on them. The problem I found with listing Bitcoin faucet sites is that there are so many and they shut down regularly as most do not make any money (since google disallowed Bitcoin faucets from displaying google ads).

In the month of July I did not make a dime from the faucet and paid out all the income from advertising on the site. I plan to do this and grow the user base which is getting close to 1,000 unique users. If you have been using the faucet and have any feedback let me know 🙂

July earnings

The total gain of $13,626 in the month of July came from three areas:

Website Earnings:

In total the website earnings after expenses was 1.587 BTC ($4,442) for the month of July. This was a good month for profit from website earnings. I was expecting to lose some money on the Bitcoin faucet but it essentially broke even.

I have started asking for more writers to help write content for my Bitcoin sites particularly for Bitcoin Gambling Reviews so if that is you please get in contact.

Bitcoin Investments:

In total I lost 1.073 BTC ($3,002) from investing in 4 different Bitcoin gambling bankrolls, Steem (social media cryptocurrency)  and Poloniex (lending Bitcoins). That 1.073 BTC was lost on my Steem investment  (more than that actually) over the month as near the end of July everyone was dumping altcoins to get in on the Bitcoin fork (where they would get free Bitcoin Cash for every Bitcoin they held).

For most of the month and as of today my Bitcoins were in my Trezor wallet, Steem and the BetKing ICO. So the only investments were as per below:

Next month I will again reinvest in all the casinos. Given it will be 5 months of investing I will also create an investing chart like the one I use on the Bitcoin Gambling Investment experiment.

Rise in Bitcoin price

Bitcoin in a roller coaster going upFour months in a row now we have seen the Bitcoin price rise. So four months now I have used the GIF of the Bitcoin riding the roller coaster – could not have asked for a better start!

As of writing this report everyone will now know that the Bitcoin Cash price and Bitcoin price combined is up significantly from July. So I suspect unless everyone starts dumping Bitcoin Cash like crazy the aggregate value for both coins will be higher again this coming month! Time will tell.

What’s next in August

I did promise to try a Poloniex trading bot in July but I did not. The interest rates got really low, Poloniex was having some withdraw issues of altcoins and BTC-e (the exchange) got taken by the US government. This meant anyone who was on the exchange is likely out of pocket and that obviously scared me from using exchanges. Nothing makes me feel more comfortable than having my Bitcoins in my Trezor!

Likely in August we should know how much Bitcoin Cash is really worth. As of writing this article it is around the $350 mark for each coin, which means that I have well over $10k of Bitcoin Cash as of today. However, not many exchanges and people have claimed and sold their coins yet…

Lastly the next Byteball airdrop is on the 7th of August which I will be linking as many Bitcoins to as possible and you should do the same too!