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Bitcoin Millionaire Monthly Profit December 2017

$419,996 – Last Month


$606,315 – This Month


$255,285 – Change


December was a huge month to end the year adding over a 1/4 Million dollars to my balance. As the site is all about becoming a Bitcoin Millionaire I made some big moves to my holdings. The major move was selling a lot of Bitcoins and holding it in cash as the price sky rocketed. This I believe will make it less risky to get to the $1 Million target. So in the my wallet page you will now see a cash section that will have my Bitcoin holdings I converted to cash.

December earnings

The total gain of $255,285 in the month of December came from four areas:

  • Website earnings through banner advertisements and affiliate income.
  • Bitcoin investments in Bitcoin gambling site bankrolls, gambling site ICO’s and Steem.
  • Selling Bitcoins at a higher price than the market price today.
  • Increase in the price of my Bitcoin balance.

Website Earnings:

In total the website earnings was 0.525 BTC ($6,922) for the month of December. Like last month the total revenue came from Bitcoin Gambling ReviewsTop BTC Casinos, Claim BTCs and from some bounties for ICO’s. This was flat from last month.

Bitcoin Investments:

In total I made 1.273 BTC ($16,784) from investing in Bitcoin gambling bankrolls, ICO’s, and Steem. Looking at it in more detail the gambling bankrolls didn’t really make anything for the month, the Betking ICO was down and the BitDice ICO was up. Steem was the stand out nearly tripling in value this month (on a USD basis).

Selling Bitcoin:

Bitcoin shot up a lot this month and although at writing this it is sitting at $13,181 for most of the month it was above $15,000. I decided to initially sell $250,000 worth of Bitcoin in mid December at $25,000 a day to get a decent average sale price, but the Bitcoin balance in USD terms continued to rise as the Bitcoin price did. So in the end I sold 22.670 BTC at an average price of $16,291. As the price is $13,181 right now I recorded this as an increase of 5.349 BTC this month as technically the $369,310 is worth 28.019 BTC right now.

Most of my BTC were generally all taken from the gambling bankrolls and sold on an exchange to my bank. There is always the risk they will get hacked or steal your money on gambling sites and exchanges so it is always nice when you make big moves like this and it goes smoothly.

Bitcoin price appreciation

Bitcoin in a roller coaster going upBitcoin went up again significantly which added $161,076 worth of value to my total balance. Again the majority of my month earnings. Overall 2017 has been an absolutely crazy year for Bitcoin.

Since launching the site in April with 31.329 BTC at a price of just $1,027 each the price has sky rocketed to $13,381 each. I doubt many investors have got anywhere near those types of returns in any other asset class.

What’s next in 2018?

Well I never could have predicted turning $32,190 into $675,281 in less than a year and I highly doubt that run is possible next year, but lets see. So my prediction for 2018 is that the balance of this site gets to $1 Million USD.

With so many ICO’s coming on board and the fact that I only interviewed two new ones I definitely will be trying to get a lot more ICO’s covered.

Big thanks to everyone who have followed Bitcoin Millionaire in 2017 and I wish you all a super successful crypto year in 2018 😀