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Summary is an online portal for all your Bitcoin gambling needs. With a casino as well as a sportsbook finding a way to occupy your time is easy with the plethora of choice available!

Bitcoin Casino

Overview is an online casino and betting platform, which allows its users to not just bet through online games but on current sporting events as well.

The online casino games offered by include classics such as poker, roulette and craps; while the site’s Sportsbook section, which allows betting on live sporting events, offers betting for the NFL, NBA and MLB along with other major events such as the Kentucky Derby. That’s not all, since the site also accommodates esports betting. stands out from other cryptocurrency betting sites by not only accepting deposits via cryptocurrency but also through conventional methods such as Visa, MasterCard and Cashier’s Check.

The cryptocurrencies that the site accepts are widely used as well, since the names of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin are nothing new for anyone familiar with the industry.

The site also offers direct support to its customers through live chat, email, and also through phone, where its support team is available to answer customers’ inquiries directly.

Gameplay requires its users to create an account on the site before they can tap into its many services and offerings. The sign-up process takes only a few minutes and users can then play the games once they have deposited funds to their account.

The site also has a downloadable client, which players can install on their computer to access the portal without having to visit the site through their browser.

While offers a slew of options which can be utilized by interested players to bet on multiple events and games, its most popular and sought after feature is likely to be its sportsbook.


As stated by the site itself, the sportsbook is its prime service where people could bet on different sporting events. The events themselves are not obscure but belong to the likes of NFL and NBA. In addition to football and basketball, the sportsbook offers bets on popular U.S. sports such as baseball and tennis, to ones with slightly less but just as devoted following like cricket and golf.

The wagers available through the sportsbook range from those made on a team’s predicted final score in a match, to ones which are placed on both teams’ collective scores.

The payouts on these wagers depend upon various factors and can also change on a game to game basis, but the information is always available on the site’s sportsbook section.

Live Betting:

An extension of the sportsbook, the live betting section on shows latest bets and wagers on an ongoing game, where the wagers are specific to what is going on within the live game. Needless to say, this remains exciting for those who enjoy the thrill of live betting more than wagering on numbers beforehand.

The wagered amount and payout depends upon the type of the live event.


The Casino section of contains a few subsections of its own, which range from table games to slots, to video poker and live casino.

All of these games have a few variations of their own which can be browsed by the user before they start playing them.

While the conventional table games, slots and video poker operate like any other online virtual casino game, the live casino section of the site goes one step ahead and intends to provide a gameplay experience which is that of playing in a live casino itself.

The games offered in Live Casino are Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Super6. Each table is handled by live dealers, and the bets and payouts depend upon the table which a player selects.


Apart from sportsbook, this seems like another section which has spent a lot of time on.

The poker game can be played online, while interested players can also download and install the application on their computer. The game has reward and bounty programs of its own, with bets and payouts depending on the game itself.


This has a similar interface to the sportsbook, with the difference being that it has Counter Strike, Dota 2 and League of Legends in its offerings instead of conventional sports.

Different wagers are available in this section as well, which depend upon the sporting event in question along with the game being played.


This section contains bets and wager information for horses. It has various options and has information from Breeders’ Cup to Triple Crown. All in all, the Horses section from the site holds the potential to please the equestrians.

Depositing and Withdrawing

Deposits on can be made through cryptocurrencies and also through fiat via various payment methods ranging from credit/debit card to cashier’s check.

For withdrawals, users need to use the same method of withdrawal as they did at the time of deposit. The maximum payout and charges depend on the payout method being used.

If the user opts in for credit card deposits and subsequent withdrawals, the site requires verification to be done through the submission of ID documents as well pictures of the credit card used before a withdrawal can be made against the account.


Accepts US Players

Fast payouts

Large variety of games and events

Great customer service


Possible issues with account secuirty

No added value for parlays and teaser bets

High roller over requirement for bonuses

Bottom Line offers a slew of services to please all kinds of crowds and it does seem that it has something for everyone.

Since its availability depends upon the jurisdiction of the player and whether online gambling and sports betting are legal in their region, also keeps itself safe from any possible legal troubles.

All in all, it is a 360 solution to online betting, and with its readily available support and multiple deposit and withdrawal options, it certainly seems like a good option to try at least once by those who are interested in this space.

Bitcoin Casino