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BetKing Review

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A well trusted and secure bitcoin casino offering a casino, dice, poker and sports betting platform.


Bitcoin Casino


BetKing Casino was established in early 2013 and rose rapidly in popularity over the following year. By 2015 BetKing became the most trusted dice site across Bitcoin gambling sites. Since its inception they have had over 360million bets with a total of 400k in Bitcoin wagered.

Not only are they the most trusted they also pride themselves in offering the highest bet limits across Bitcoin casinos.

After an incredibly successful ICO, BetKing was relaunched in September 2017. The now offer a faucet in which you can claim 1,000 satoshi every hour. In addition, BetKing now accepts bets in other cryptocurrencies including Ethereum and Litecoin.

Promised with the relaunch is the addition of many other games to the BetKing site. With blackjack, roulette, sports betting and poker on the horizon, BetKing is a casino to keep an eye on.


At the moment BetKing offers a casino, dice game, poker and a sports book. As you can see below the interface is incredibly easy to use and has great levels of anonymity.

BetKing dice interface, simple and easy to use

Since the ICO in late 2017 Dean (the founder) has been constantly improving the site and adding more games. The bonuses and rake races change and are added frequently so it pays to visit the site to see what is on in any given month!

Provably Fair

You may have heard this term being used with a few big casinos, but what does it really mean? Like many players, concerns about the legitimacy of the casino and the idea of being cheated in games weighs heavily. As an answer to this the Bitcoin gambling community developed a solution which allows players to check and verify bets. This proves that the house has not altered any bets to go in their favor.

How does provable fair work?

Upon entering the BetKing site a random string of characters is generated on the server. This is used as your Server Seed. Before you roll you can generate a new server seed.

  1. A SHA512 hash of the server seed is presented to you before you bet. This is to prove the casino cannot change it.
  2. When the player places a bet the casino gets a Client Seed (automatically generated by the browser).
  3. The server seed, client seed and number of rolls within the current server is in the format n:s:n, n:c:n. Where n is the number of rolls, s is the server seed and c the client seed.
  4. Using this the HMACSHA512 hash of that is taken and the first 5 characters converted to decimal and that is your roll.

If that makes no sense you can use the 3rd party tool on BetKing which will verify any bets you place.

BetKing Poker video review


Bonuses are always changing across casino sites so it pays to check in regularly. At the moment BetKing are offering a 25% rakeback on dice bets every month. This means that up to 25% of the house edge will be returned to you as cashback on the 1st of the month for bets from the previous month. The percentage of rakeback depends on your wager amount, as follows:

Wager amount in Bitcoin Rakeback %
5 1
10 3
50 5
100 10
500 15
1000 20
5000 25


At the moment BetKing also have on offer the biggest jackpot we have heard of across Bitcoin gambling sites. For bets made after 2017-10-27 17:00 UTC there is the possibility to win 50 Bitcoins. Let me just repeat that once more – 50 Bitcoins!

The jackpot is progressive meaning it will be constantly increasing in value until someone wins the jackpot.

How to win the jackpot?

You will need to roll the dice twice in a row. Your rolls must be containing five 5’s in the results. How much of the jackpot you can win depends on your bet size.

  • Bets of 0.00001 Bitcoin or more can win 1% of the jackpot
  • Bets of 0.0001 Bitcoin or more can win 10% of the jackpot
  • Bets of 0.001 Bitcoin or more can win 100% of the jackpot

The prize is paid in Bitcoins and is only applicable with Bitcoin bets.

Depositing and Withdrawing

The process of signing up and depositing is incredibly fast and very secure. Simply copy BetKing’s wallet address and deposit Bitcoin from your own. When it comes to withdrawing the process is incredibly fast as well. Simply add your Bitcoin wallet address and your winnings will be received almost instantly.


Mobile friendly

Low house edge

Accepts many altcoins

Highest bet limits

Good bonuses


Lacks game variety

Bottom Line

BetKing is one of the most popular Bitcoin gambling casinos. Low house edge and massive bet limits you are sure to find what you need here.


Bitcoin Casino