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Aimedis- Everything Healthcare On the Blockchain

Aimedis is an ICO that uses technology like blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to make healthcare and health data transfer faster and better. Soon, they will offer a full array of customer-oriented services such as video chatting to a doctor and making appointments with a doctor.

Four Products that Improves Lives

Aimedis is taking a multi-pronged approach to health care and health data management with four different products.

The first one is Aimedsafe, an online pharmacy where doctors upload their patient’s subscriptions along with the patient’s data (age, weight, gender). Then the patient knows exactly when and how he should take his medications.

Secondly, when the doctor’s inputs the medication, Aimsafe’s AI analyzes the risk of negative interactions between the new medications and any other medications that that patient is taking. This can save lives because a lot of people don’t know the reaction that their medicines could have and many doctors aren’t aware of every medication a patient is taking. All of this data will be stored on the private AImedis blockchain, which is encrypted and stored on multiple servers. It is very secure and even if someone hacked into, then your data would still be there. Don’t get me wrong, the hackers would still have your information, but you would also have access to your information, so you could use it.

Their second product is a social network for patients to take to each other and get help from each other called Aimsocial. This network facilitates conversations about difficult subjects, such as which therapy works best, or what drugs help with a particular ailment.

The network allows recommendations of products and services to be shared freely. There are many chronic diseases where the best way to understand is to talk with other people with the disease. This isn’t always possible face-to-face, so Aimsocial is creating a virtual meeting place where people can create a community targeting the support the person needs. This will also be on the blockchain, but it will be on the public Ethereum blockchain. This means that everything that is posted on the platform is public information and resides there forever. This free and open source of people’s medical experiences will help everyone, from patients and doctors to medical undergraduates and nurses.

Along with the social network, Aimedis will provide a video library and shared content along with the social network to provide real-time access to evidence-based research to help inform patients as they manage their disease. This database will be open to everyone and stored on the Ethereum network, giving anyone with an internet connection and some ether access this data. As a complement to Aimsocial, the database will provide medical facts and information to offer balance to the social network that offers access to real-life examples of how people live with a particular disease.

Aimedis is also involved in artificial intelligence supported therapy and research, taking the AI used in Aimedsafe to a whole new level. Aimedis has created an AI that can take the information put into Aimedsafe by patients to help guide doctors as they decide upon treatments and, given a little more information, understand the patient and their needs. An AI that understands the patient can predict an allergic reaction or tell a doctor a medication that the patient can’t have, like what is being used in Aimsafe.

Finally, Aimedis is offering remote health care through gadgets that will help both patients and doctors alike to track their heartbeat and other biometric data. These gadgets can help gather data about patients and can also inform doctors if there is anything abnormal going with their patients. Other companies offer this service, but Aimedis believes they can improve upon what is currently offered with their technology because it gathers data from these devices and places it on the AImedis blockchain that is then made available to physicians and the AI. This will allow your doctors to consistently monitor your progress. This is especially important for people who have had a heart attack or who suffer from a chronic disease such as epilepsy or diabetes. This consistent stream of data will allow doctors to see patterns and continuous problems that their customer is having.

Availability is Coming in Waves

Aimedis has created a strong vision, and currently, they have some experimental products available. The Alpha MedBot is an AI that is used in clinics to analyze medical data and reports if it spots problems with medications or recurring problems the patient is having. They are working on the next version of that project called “Project Excalibur”. While the name is intriguing, the updates are bound to be even more intriguing. In addition to the alpha version of MedBot, Aimedis also has an alpha version of AimSafe that so far has kept the health data of five people, their first example of what they can do with this technology. They plan to come out with the social media platform this year, an online drug store at the end of 2019, and the Project Excalibur at the beginning of 2020.


This ICO knows what each stakeholder needs and has developed products that will meet those needs. As the blockchain can hold a lot of data it isn’t at risk of being lost. Their leveraging of social media offers the support through community building that is sometimes absent when someone faces a diagnosis. I hope I never need this ICO, but if I ever do, I know exactly where I will turn when I need health information and support.