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99.9% Dice Review

99.9% Dice Review
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  • Provably Fair


A gambling site offering the one dice game with an incredibly low house edge of 0.1%. Provably fair and accepting multiple cryptocurrencies this site appeals to many different users.

99.9% Dice

Bitcoin Casino


Staying true to its name, 99.9% Dice is an online betting game which allow users to place their bets on a virtual dice roll.

As with most online dice games, the game’s interface is very simple and can easily be termed as minimalistic. However, the game achieves what it intends to do, which is to allow its players to enjoy a clean and no-nonsense gameplay.

Since it is a dice roll game, (the kind that does not resort to graphics but simple text), 99.9% Dice can be compared to classic games such as Dungeons and Dragons, which remains one of the most popular games ever created.

The same holds true for 99.9% Dice as well. The game is text-based and does not offer vibrant colors or even any images to its players, but the experience which it provides them with remains unique in its own right.

99.9% Dice accepts 5 of the most popular cryptocurrencies being traded on a global scale: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Monero (XMR), Litecoin (LTC), and Dogecoin (DOGE).

The name 99.9% Dice comes for a reason as well: site has a house edge for only 0.01%, which is one of the lowest in the overall virtual dice roll space.

Apart from providing a list of the latest bets made on the server, the site also has a live chat option between users and allows a message sending system through which users can contact the site’s operating team in case of any issues.

99.9% Dice has verified SSL-level encryption, which means that any sensitive data being exchanged on it remains confidential.

Speaking of exchanging information with the site, let’s go ahead and learn more about its gameplay.


The gameplay is as simple as everything else on the site. Players can create an account on the site, choose a number, an amount to bet, and a chance to win percentage (which affects the amount won in the end). Once the player has selected these factors along with their decision to roll Low or High, they can go ahead and have the virtual dice roll away.

If the player rolls Low, then the generated dice number has to be below what they selected for them to win. In contrast, if they selected to roll High, then the eventual dice number has to be higher than the number they selected.

Depending on the results, the player either wins or loses the game.

The minimum bet amount is 0.00000001 for all accepted cryptocurrencies.

The site also claims it has “Fair Bets” in place. The way that it defines it sounds like its provably fair with the Server Seed, Client Seed, and Bet Number mechanism. It also defines that SHA2-512 is integrated to hash the result  to determine that the generated numbers are always random.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits on 99.9% Dice are easy, and can be made to the site’s specified wallet address. The amount reflects in the player’s account which they can then use to start playing the game.

The site does not define if it has a minimum withdrawal or deposit limit – and it seems that it doesn’t have one for either of those transactional methods.

Referral Program

99.9% Dice has a strong referral program in its customized referral link campaign.

By using the customized link generated for each user, referrers can encourage their friends or family to visit the site and play a dice game of their own. Out of all the bets – yes, every bet – that a player’s referral makes on the site, the player receives 50% of the house edge.

It is not subject to the referral winning or losing the bet either. Regardless of what happens to their bet, the referring player would still be entitled to receive the referral bonus.

This is by far one of the most lucrative referral programs that has come out of an online betting game, and it certainly sets 99.9% Dice apart from its competitors.

It also as a Faucet program, where users can earn a minimal amount of cryptocurrencies that go towards their account balance on the site. However, such faucet programs are available on several other sites as well, which is why it does not provide anything unique in terms of the offering itself.


Free faucets

Low house edge

Provably Fair

Affiliate program

Mobile friendly


No live chat support

No bonuses

US Players Not Accepted

Bottom Line

With numerous dice games out there, 99.9% Dice seems just another addition to an overcrowded space. However, that is far from the case, since the site has more to offer than most of those other virtual dice roll sites.

For instance, the list of cryptocurrencies which it accepts in itself spells convenience for players, since cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH are not hard to transact for anyone who is a bit familiar with the process of buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

Add the low house edge and the lucrative referral program to the mix, and you have a dice roll site which tends to be more than just another domain on the web.

While it is not for those who enjoy color and graphics when it comes to the word “game”, dice roll aficionados with a little knowledge of cryptocurrency would certainly enjoy how 99.9% Dice is set up.

99.9% Dice

Bitcoin Casino